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Reviewed last 5 comments.

#3 - Mary Lynn withdrew the comment, so no action taken.

#51 - LOINC statement that codes are "Current at the time of publication.  Mary Lynn commented on Relma and VSAC.  Susan said to point to the HIPAA tab. 

Alix commented on the presentation Durwin and Mary Lynn gave at the roundtable meeting.

#52 - Correct typos only.

#54 - Russ to verify links in the guide

#56 - Russ to verify.

More discussion and possible vote at the next Workgroup meeting.

Copy of CDAR2_AIG_CCDA_EXCHANGE_R1_I1_2021JAN_AMALGAMATED_20210126 (X004).xls

Open Floor Next MeetingFinish discussion on next Workgroup meeting call on 07/20/21
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