Facilitator: Christol Green Durwin DayRussell Ott

Scribe: Robin Isgett  







xJean Narcisi
xJamalynne Deckard
      xAdam Culbertson
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      xMark Roberts

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ManagementMinutes Approval 7/13 - Ballot reconciliation next weekWill review minutes on 08/03/21 meeting

New PSS for review - PIE comments or interest

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  2. Project Scope Statements (enter "C" in "Status" filter for "consensus-review"

POLST - PSS 1814

Portable Medical Orders to map POLST data to CDA data elements.  Comment - Reviewed by workgroup.  Not interested at this time.

Dental Update Russell Ott

Dental Focus WorkgroupThe Dental Focus Workgroup will review, then bring to PIE workgroup for review.Dental Attachment Implementation Guide

LOINC Update Jamalynne Deckard

Phase out of Relma and move to on-line platform, LOINC.org. 

First release August 2021, version 2.70.  Switching from Jun /Dec release to Aug/Feb release.

Can still use HIPAA tab for attachments.  Tabs for responses with or without IG guides.  Modifier codes - collection of codes could add to attachments page.

Attachment Ballot Reconciliation Update Laurie Burckhardt

Discuss last remaining 5 comments.

#3 & #51 - Accepted Marylyn's comments.

#52 - Workgroup agreed that typos will be corrected.

#54 & #56 - Russ suggested that we need to vote on a disposition for Russ to validate the links.  Russ will need the current version of the edited guide.

Will finish next week and take a vote on last 5 for reconciliation.

CARIN Digital Insurance Card Update Mark Roberts
The purpose is not to do a facsimile, just map to FHIR coverage resources.070821 CARIN IG for Digital Insurance Card Meeting
Open floorConnectathon - FAST directory

Adjourned at 3:20 PM EST

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