Part of the 2021 Gemini SES MDI using SDPi+FHIR program objectives were to get serious about providing updated and more detailed briefings on all the various aspects of the project - and there are many!  

The sections below provide links to various presentations and recordings that are being crafted to help everyone come up-to-speed on the great work being accomplished by this project.


What Lays Below ...


Strategy for Presentations & Recordings

Standing on the shoulders of those who are FAR BETTER at this than most of us communication-challenged engineers, we crafted asked and settled on the following INITIAL approach to collecting and streaming short videos for this community:

  1. Recording:
    1. Zoom Record-to-Cloud with auto-transcriptions (to English now) enabled
  2. Streaming: 
    1. Upload to Todd's Youtube channel (see "Getting better" below)
  3. Persisting:
    1. PDF PowerPoint slides / post here as well as originals (both) in github (
    2. IF a confluence page is being reviewed, THEN PDF export the page & save
    3. Save recordings in the IHE DEV/DPI/Gemini SDPi+FHIR Education Google Drive for this project
  4. Curating:
    1. Add content to this page, including PDF and Youtube and GDrive links 
    2. Provide a few sentences as to topic and scope 
    3. IF they are referenced in other pages, THEN add links here & integrate there too

Credit where Credit is Due!

The strategy approach above had its origins in the excellent work that the IFMBE / CED "global clinical engineering community" has done to provide accessible content to practicing engineers around the world during the challenging days of the COVID pandemic - working with limited knowledge and limited resources but an increasingly incomprehensible problem right at their doorstep.  Specific thanks to Dr. Elliot Sloane for his decades of leadership including this year+ work of the IFMBE/CED.  An immense debt of gratitude to be sure. 

Process improvement considerations  ...

  1. Create Google Drive home for MP4 triple files; add link to step #3 above
  2. Add subsections for topics 
  3. Add table / report w/ filters that automatically identifies references in these confluence pages (including a simple confluence tag for this purpose)
  4. Move Youtube channel from Todd Cooper's stream! ... but where ... ?
  5. Add Facebook streaming (since Google/YouTube is not supported everywhere)
  6. Vimeo?  Others?
  7. 2021-05-28 HL7 WGM Discussion
    1. RTMMS Briefing  - NIST for those new users who want to know the subject area starting with a high level 
    2. 11073 Nomenclature / Terminology Introduction
    3. Other recording strategies ... WebEx recordings, others
  8. Recording with ...
    1. WebEx
      1. Recent updates provide cloud or local computer based recording to MP4 without having to run a converter tool
      2. Kenneth Fuchs utilizes this for the IEEE meetings BUT the cloud-based conversions can sometimes take up to an hour or two to complete
      3. Ken also has a CC (.vtt) file generated ... somehow ... on the IEEE account - not clear if that is something special for the IEEE account 
      4. For other languages, Ken noted that you could always run the audio through Google translate (!!!) and do the same for the .vtt file!  
    2. Google Meet?  
    3. Microsoft Teams?
  9. ...

General Update & Briefing Presentations

Every few months, generally in coordination with the HL7 Working Group Meetings (WGM) - notionally January, May and September of each year - we provide a general update for the joint IHE-HL7 Gemini Device Interoperability program.  Here are some of those presentations ... starting with the most recent first.  

SDPi 1.0 Reviewer Briefings:  December 22 to January 23

As the SDPi 1.0 supplement specification moves toward broader review - within IHE Devices & Public Comment - and publication as an initial Trial Implementation version, it is recognized that supplement reviewers, especially those who have not been "in the weeds" of its development, would benefit from a set of briefings that provide the background to be able to navigate, read and comment on the supplement.  

NOTE:  The presentations and recorded sessions below are initial informal, un polished!!!, briefing sessions.  The intent is to re-record the sessions before the supplement is published for public comment, based on experience and feedback during the IHE Devices internal review period.

  1. Gemini SDPi 1.0 Reviewer Briefings - Session #1:  General Overview (2022.12.14)
    1. Recorded Presentation (87 Minutes; YouTube, MP4, AudioOnly)
  2. Gemini SDPi 1.0 Reviewer Briefings - Session #2:  Profiles Overview (2022.12.19)
    1. Recorded Presentation (45 MinutesYouTube, MP4, AudioOnly)
  3. Gemini SDPi 1.0 Reviewer Briefings - Session #3:  Gateways Overview (2022.12.21)
    1. Recorded Presentation (44 MinutesYouTube, MP4, AudioOnly)
  4. Gemini SDPi 1.0 Reviewer Briefings - Session #4:  General Q & A (2023.01.11)
    1. ...

General Update:  2022-May-13 


Gemini SES+MDI Program Update 2022-05-13 (61.5 minutes; YouTube, MP4, AudioOnly

General Project Update - January '22 to May '22 WGMs (starts at 0:00 minute

RI+MC+RR Update – 2022 CA & Tooling Strategy Challenges (starts at 0:35:54 minutes)

SES Ecosystem Pathway Update (starts at 0:37:14 minutes)

Topics of Interest Review (starts at 0:42:42 minutes)

Focus:  Updating IHE DEV OIDs & Supporting SDPi Extensions (starts at 0:46:48 minutes)

Focus:  From github repo's to (starts at 0:55:31 minutes)

Also an expanded update on the recent CA & Tooling '22 Strategy effort

Gemini SES+MDI Project - 2022 RI+MC+RR Strategy Update 2022-05-13 (1:07.35 minutes; YouTube, MP4, AudioOnly)

RI+MC+RR 2022 Strategy Update - January '22 to May '22 WGMs (starts at 0:00 minute

SDPi 1.0 – RI+MC – Basic Support (starts at 0:08:34 minutes)

SDPi 1.0 – Testing & CA & Tooling – Basic Support (starts at 0:14:24 minutes)  Note:  This is the core strategy section ... all 30+ minutes of it!

NIST "Asbestos" Tool for IHE Testing (starts at 0:46:09 minutes)

IHE DE PAT Testing – May 2022 (starts at 0:54:57 minutes

Testing for HIMSS'23 & Beyond (starts at 1:00:25 minutes

Possibilities but not Probabilities but ... Opportunities?! (starts at 1:05:54 minutes

IHE DEV Spring meetings ( ) Update on Gemini SES+MDI Program

General Update:  2022-January-21 

Gemini SDPi-FHIR Project Update 2022-01-21(96 minutes; YouTube; MP4)

General Project Update - September '21 to January '22 WGMs (starts at 0:00 minute

<add section markers and offsets>

General Update:  2021-September-24

Gemini SDPi-FHIR Project Update 2021-09-24 (53 minutes; YouTube, MP4, AudioOnly)

General Project Update - May to September '21 WGM's (starts at 0:00 minute)

3 Year Roadmap - Overview (starts at 08:20 minutes)

RI+MC+RR for SDPi 1.0 & Conformity Assessment & Beyond (starts at 20:45 minutes)

Gemini MDIRA Profile Update (starts at 32:30 minutes)

Gemini SES / Regulatory Initiative (starts at 38:00 minutes)

Toward ISO/IEEE 11073 “MDC” 2.0 (starts at 46:55 minutes)

General Update:  2021-May-26

Gemini Update - HL7/IEEE/IHE Devices WGM - 2021-05-27 (20 minutes; YouTube)

<Additional TBD brief presentations for consideration:  Hanging gardens model tour, Gemini kick-off / updated briefing, SDC vs. SDPi?>

OR.NET Research / Demonstrator Briefing (2021-06-04)

During the regular "SDPi Friday" web session on 2021-06-04, a briefing was provided by Germany-based researchers regarding 15 years of SDC-focused development and demonstrator prototyping.  The focus was on Surgery Workstation demonstrator and an Anesthesia Workstation demonstrator, though in 2019 both were integrated into a single public demonstration.  This presentation is fantastic in that it shows real-world technologies and products that are SDC-enabled and illustrates exactly the ecosystem of plug-and-trust products that are the focus of the Gemini SDPi+FHIR project.  The session is about 1.5 hours long ... but it is definitely worth the time ... Enjoy!

Narratives / Use Cases / Scenarios ... Real-world Products!


  • Add use case overview briefings related to <silent ICU> <MDIRA> <OR endoscopy>
  • Formalizing use case content ... RI ... link in presentations in next section

Silent Point-of-Care Use Cases

  1. Gemini SES+MDI Reducing Clinician Alert Fatigue (Cooper) 2022-07-25A.pdf

CA & Tooling – RI-MC-RR

As part of the 2021 RI-TF-CA focus areas, the group considered possibly leveraging SysML Requirements Modeling & ReqIF export to achieve the "Requirements Interoperability" (RI) objectives; however, an initial look seemed too much of a hill to climb at this point and the decision was to simply keep the RI focus on a UML model that could then be linked to Word Styles for the SDPi Supplement document, and then using a version of the HL7 V2+ tool (a la NIST / Michael Faughn), we could extract out the requirements (per the RI UML Model) and create a ReqIF specification that could then be tied to test cases and ultimately provide both CA coverage and traceability from a set of tests back to the multiple standards and specifications to which conformity is being determined.  

BUT then Stefan Schlichting and his colleagues at Unity Consulting & Innovation provided a webinar (see "Unity Consulting" below) that made us rethink the previous decision and ultimately kick-off this pilot project.  Here is the initial - mostly reaction! - pitch deck that selects some of the Unity webinar slides but then takes a Gemini MDI perspective on the whole topic:  moving from document-centric to model-centric specifications!


Gemini MBSE SysML Pitch - Unity Inspired - 2021-04-09 (10.5 minutes; YouTube)

To be sure we still need a RI model; however, the objective of this pilot is to see if we can achieve that using a SysML Requirements Modeling approach.

NOTE:  See the RI-MC-RR concept section for an overview of this focus area.

As part of the MBSE / SysML for MedTech Solutions PilotStefan Schlichting created a

IHE Germany SDC/SDPI Plugathon (PAT) #3 Briefing (2021-07-08)

David Gregorczyk provided a post-PAT #3 review of the testing so far and what is ahead:

<FDA ASCA & IHE CA confluence page tour / presentation briefing>

<David's ReqIF for Documents briefing>

<IHE CA Ecosystem model ... with John Donnelly >

<NIST RTMMS Tooling Overview; link to 10101 overview below>

IHE SDPi Profiles

General and detailed briefings on the various aspects of the supplement ... and there are many!>

SDPi Supplement Creation 

  1. Gemini Publication Strategy - 2022 - 2022-07-22A.pdf


  • Add PAT overview presentations of profiles ... 
  • Add "tours" as necessary especially to support both IHE DEV internal and public review of the SPDi specifications

HL7 Devices on FHIR 

<Rationale behind the DoF IGs, two IGs, how leveraged in SDPi+FHIR ... gateway actors>

MDIRA Profile

The JHU/APL MDIRA project is anchored in the following pages:  Narrative: MDIRA / ICE and Specifications: MDIRA / ICE Profile.  In addition to the content on these pages, the following recordings provide some excellent background on the project:

  1. MDIRA Use Case Briefing Video (YouTube; 4 minutes)
  2. MDIRA Reference Implementation (using SDC) Briefing Video (YouTube; 8 minutes)
  3. JHU/APL MDIRA Update for the 2021-May-26 WGM (28 minutes:  YouTube; MP4; Audio Only (MP3), PDF)
  4. <To Do:  tour videos of the MDIRA pages listed above>

Referenced Standards & Specifications 

<base on the organization of the Hanging Gardens Model?>

IEEE 11073 Core Standards

<intro to 11073-10101>

<relationship to the DIM / Classic>

IEEE 11073 SDC Standards

<11073-10101, -1020

Related Presentations from Non-Gemini Origins 

The following presentations were found useful to the Gemini MDI project - and are often referenced on this site somewhere! - but were given outside the project.

NOTE:  Not clear how best to organize these, but since this page is intended for those looking for information about topics ... topical it will be!


  1. MBSE / SysML / Cameo
    1. Unity Consulting ( Stefan Schlichting )
      1. 2021-03-25  MBSE – Master Complex Development More Easily 
        1. Unity 2021-03-25 MBSE Webinar.pdf
        2. Video (YouTube; 57 minutes):  English German
      2. ...
    2. Neurase ( Piero Ciancia )
      1. 2021-05-20 Webinar:  Models and Regulations in Healthcare (YouTube; 31.5 minutes) 
      2. 2021-06-17 Podcast:  Models & Medical Device Interoperability (MDI) (YouTube; 28 minutes)
    3. ...
  2. IHE DEV & Tooling
    1. IHE USA Path-to-Production presentation on IHE DEV:  Integrating Devices from Hospital to Home
      1. P2P_IHE_DEV_Overview_2022-06 (v1) thc1.pdf 
      2. Presentation recording (28 minutes) :  Video / MP4  & Audio  
    2. NIST / Prometheus Computing (John J. GarguiloMichael Faughn
      1. <forthcoming RTMMS 2.0 briefing>
      2. <HL7 V2+ briefing>
    3. Example messages are provided on the plugathon Reference Consumer page
  3. Standards-related Briefings
    1. Korea MedIF
      1. MedIF Conference / "SES MDI - Can we make sense of all these standards?"  (Cooper, 2021.03.09)
        1. Korea MedIF Conference - Todd Cooper - 2021-03-08a.pdf 
        2. Video (YouTube; MP4; 26 minutes)
    2. AAMI 2021 Annual Conference 
      1. "From Operating Room to "Hospital at Home“ – Emerging “SES MDI” Medical Device Standards Ready to Address Persistent Clinical Engineering Challenges" (Cooper/Sloane, 2021.06.07)
        1. JSMI AAMI Webinar - Todd Cooper Elliot Sloane - 2021-05-13B.pdf 
        2. Video (YouTube; MP4; 15 minutes)
    3. ...
  4. ...