Date: 5/28/2021

Quarter: Q2

CDS Hosted Vocab and PH

Chair - Bryn

Scribe - Bryn

Attendees - (couldn't update attendance sheet)

Bryn Rhodes

Joe Bormel

John Loonsk

Richard Ettema

Peter Muir

Dave Hill

Rob McClure

Andrea Kent- CoverMyMeds

Floyd Eisenberg

Peter Muir

Lenel James (BCBSA)

David Ouagne

Evan Chicoine

Thomson Kuhn

Abdullah Rafiqi



FHIR-30961 - Getting issue details... STATUS

FHIR-30435 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Meeting Minutes

  • Post-processing done by eRSD specification editors performs additional processing on value sets after they are downloaded from the terminology server to package them for inclusion in the eRSD specification
    • Transformations include
      • Inclusion of unpublished codes
        • Inclusion of codes from code systems not present in the terminology server
        • Inclusion of provisional codes
        • Inclusion of exchange-agreed codes? (out-of-scope)
        • Handled with the addition of expansionParameters extension
          • represented as a "fragment" code system with a specific provisional version
      • De-duplication of codes in the transmitted expansions
      • Inactive codes
      • Operational value sets
        • Value sets used by the supplemental processing that are not necessarily available in FHIR-standard format anywhere but the eRSD specification
        • Needs to be discussed in the IG
        • External code system needs to be added to HTA
      • Metadata
        • Additional useContext is added to make sure the intended context of use for the ValueSet is clear within the context of packaging these
        • Not wrong for IGs to decorate resulting value sets
        • Document the process for decoration in the IG
  • Discussed 30961 and 30435
    • Will provide additional clarity on the difference between triggering and supplemental value sets
    • Will use an extension to specify expansion parameters

Action Items

  • None