Date: 2021-05-25

Quarter: Q5

Chair:  Bryn Rhodes

Scribe:  Robert Jenders

CDS hosted CQI


  1. The work groups reviewed the agenda for the remainder of the WGM.
  2. FHIR Ballot Items:  The WGs jointly reviewed relevant FHIR ballot tracker items.  Dispositions and votes recorded directly in each tracker item in
    1. FHIR-32079:  Resolution entered, vote deferred until the voter raising the issue can attend in person.
    2. FHIR-31677:  Found persuasive.  Resolution entered.  Motion Heras, second Smith.  Vote:  16/0/0.
    3. FHIR-32637:  Found persuasive - add 3 identified extensions to the profile.  Motion Smith, second Eisenberg.  Vote:  18/0/1.
    4. FHIR-32638:  Proposed same extensions to ShareablePlanDefinition.  Found persuasive.  Motion Smith, second Hamlin.  Vote:  18/0/0.
    5. FHIR-32751:  Found persuasive with mod, applies to SpecimenDefinition as well as ObservationDefinition.  Motion Smith, second Heras.  Vote:  18/0/0.
    6. FHIR-31928:  Proposed that Library (e.g., CQLLibrary, ELMLibrary, FHIRPathLibrary) should support a list of Expression.  The WG debated the potential rationale for this change.  Ultimately the WG found the proposal not persuasive by consensus, but the WG vote deferred to interaction with proposer/voter.  
    7. FHIR-32670:  Proposed specifying translator options for CQL/ELM libraries.  Found persuasive.  Motion Kawamoto, second Hamlin.  Vote:  18/0/0.
    8. FHIR-27821:  Discussed briefly but ultimately postponed to discussion Q5 Thursday this week.
    9. FHIR-32743:  Proposed only that "intended data source" could be represented in a FHIR measure without further specificity.  Extensive discussion ensued.  Consensus disposition:  Acknowledge comment in anticipation of future discussion.

Action Items

  • None