Date: 5/26/2021

Quarter: Q3

CDS Hosted CQI

Chair: Bryn Rhodes

Scribe: Bryn RHodes


  • Arden Syntax Ballot proposal for September 2021 (Robert Jenders)
  • New Project Proposal: International Patient Access: PSS-1803 - International Patient Access In Review
  • WG Business/Project Planning
  • September Ballots
  • September Working Group Meeting

Meeting Minutes

Arden Syntax Ballot proposal for September 2021 (Robert Jenders)

Arden Syntax has 2 active projects:

  • Big Picture Implementation Guide - CDS standards ecosystem, stalled due to resource constraints, reached the end of timeline
  • Arden Syntax v3 (current 2.10)
    • Main feature is introduction of standard model, mainly focused on FHIR
  • Because Arden v3 is still in active timeline, intention is to close the Big Picture Implementation Guide in favor of focusing on completing v3
  • Submitting Arden v3 for STU Ballot in the September Cycle
  • Goal is to bring final version for draft to the July 28th CDS WG for review/approval
  • Ultimately will require a new version of the Arden IG as well, will create a PSS for this, sometime in 2022 for ballot/publication
  • Difficult to describe the entire ecosystem in a single IG (Big Picture IG)

New Project Proposal: International Patient Access: PSS-1803 - International Patient Access In Review

  • Intent is to provide a companion project to International Patient Summary that support API access for the data elements described in IPS
  • Intent is to support a US Core style project for the universal realm
  • Current candidate work
  • Commented on the project proposal, CDS and CQI would like to be interested parties

WGM Planning

  • Monday
    • Vocab, O&O, FHIR, BR&R
  • Tuesday
    • CDS/CQI Joints
    • US Realm
    • PC
  • Wednesday
    • CIMI
    • CDS/CQI Joints
  • Thursday
    • CDS/CQI Joints
    • CGP
    • PC/LHS
  • Friday
    • Pharmacy

Ballot Planning (July 4 NIB)

  • CDS Hooks
    • Hook Definition Order-Select and Order-Sign?
    • Publishing 1.1 + Patient-View Hook
  • CQL
    • Errata
  • PDDI
    • Publishing
  • FHIR
    • No September R5 ballot
    • January R5 - Full steam ahead applying changes
      • Normative: Library/Measure/MeasureReport
      • 4: PlanDefinition/ActivityDefinition
      • 3: GuidanceResponse/DetectedIssue/RequestGroup
      • 2: RiskAssessment
  • EBM-on-FHIR
    • September IG?
  • DEQM
    • Publishing
  • QM IG
    • Publishing
  • Risk Adjustment (January)
  • QI Core
    • July Update
    • January Ballot
  • CQL-based HQMF
    • Measure Type Value Set Changes (do we need a ballot to incorporate or is the update of the ValueSet definition sufficient)

Supplemental Data Elements discussion

  • When reporting supplemental data elements
    • at the individual element level, they are reported as FHIR Resources (or Observations if the result type is primitive)
    • at the population level, they are reported as stratifiers
    • should provide an extension to indicate whether a given supplemental data element is appropriate for stratification
    • by default, supplemental data elements reported at the population level should only be reported on the initial population

Action Items

  • None