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Event Info

Event URL(This Page!)
LocationVirtual & time zone home: Lübeck, DE
RegistrationNo registration fee for participants
Primary OrganizerOR.NET

3rd SDC/SDPi PAT will focus on validating the proposed SDPi-P profile transactions and the message sequences and content that will be captured in the IHE SDPi Supplement document.

NOTE:  Subsequent PAT events are notionally planned for every-other month.


To get more information about the event, contact:

David Gregorczyk  / OR.NET

(Yes - actual picture from the 3rd IHE DE Plug-a-thon Event!)

Wherefore Devices?

This OR.NET sponsored, held in conjunction with IHE Germany / Devices Domain, is the second plug-a-thon event that builds on the SDC implementer community that has actively participated in ISO/IEEE 11073 SDC standards development, prototyping and demonstration events over the last 10-15 years, and is now beginning to help advance the definition and implementation of the IHE Service-oriented Device Point-of-care Interoperability (SDPi) profiles. This event provides an excellent opportunity to both learn and kick the tires of the SDC device-to-device interoperability 

PAT #3 Objectives

This third PAT event will build upon the previous two plug-a-thons ...

PAT #1 established the SDC-ready virtual infrastructure to accomplish hybrid in-person + remote testing

PAT #2 established test sequences for bringing up a system of SDC participants

Now this PAT #3 will focus on the transactions proposed for the IHE SDPi profiles, starting with the SDPi-P (Plug-and-trust) profile and as a stretch goal, the SDPi-R (Reporting) profile.  The intent is to both validate that the actor & transaction model crafted in 2020 and contained in the current draft of the profile supplement, best meets the requirements for the profiles + to capture the MDPWS message sequences, content and examples for each transaction. The output of this PAT will hopefully be updated (if needed) transaction models (e.g., in Plant UML) for SDPi Supplement TF-1 & TF-2, TF-2 Appendix MDPWS specification detail, and TF-3 BICEPS content modules that might be used in the testing scripts (e.g., for device specializations). Additional, test script development and related tooling should be discussed and subsequent PAT events planned. 

Possible discussion around the use of a "docker" based approach that would enable standalone system testing supporting PRE PAT/CAT testing (See PAT#2 discussions)

The long range goal is to lay the foundation for an initial IHE vCAT late 2021 for the SDPi profiles.

Plug-a-thon Preparation

If you have not already ...

#1  Contact David Gregorczyk as soon as possible to get information on joining the event.

#2  Join FREE!  HL7 Confluence - just select the "Request an Account" button. This will allow you to contribute and better participate in the event content captured on these pages.

#3 ISO/IEEE 11073 SDC & IHE SDPi Supplement Introduction 

To prepare for this event, participants who are just getting started with SDC/SDPi should consult the various background materials, including those from the 1st IHE DE PAT presentation, and those available in these Gemini SES MDI confluence pages and the related IEEE 11073 SDC Subgroup pages (ask if you don't have access).

For those that this PAT is "not their first rodeo" ...

  1. Review the draft models at SDPi Technical Framework Models (though these may be somewhat updated for the most recent SDPi Supplement document)
  2. <Todd Cooper  provide an updated PAT #3 specific PowerPoint presentation that has the latest transactions and message sequences, building on the 2020-10 PAT overview & subsequent iterations >

#4 PAT Use Case Narratives

This PAT event does not focus on specific use cases, though the key ones being advanced by the SDC/SDPi+FHIR group include:  Endoscopic Surgery,  Silent PoC and Isolation PoC. Taking a look at those may help with application context.

#5 Show up with your stuff!

Given the focus of this PAT event:  basic test sequences for establishing SOMDS Participant connectivity (discovery, security, reporting, external control, etc.) 

Participants are expected to bring a variety of SDC Participant systems based on different implementation technologies, including Python, Java, C++. .NET Core. So it should be a relatively heterogenous environment, with both SERVICE CONSUMER and SERVICE PROVIDER systems.

Plugging away...

Note this section is to be used during the PAT event to capture discussion.

Day 1 Schedule


Get Together @MS Teams: (as provided per invitation)

09:30-10:00Setup VPN

Review SDPi-P Transaction Background & Participant System Test Planning


Test SDPi-P Transactions Testing, Messaging Sequencing & Example Capture

16:00-17:00Wrap up Day 1

Day 2 Schedule

09:00-09:30Get Together @MS Teams: (as provided per invitation)

Test SDPi-P Transactions Testing, Message Sequencing & Content & Example Capture


PAT Topic Discussion:  <TBD - "Path to 2021 IHE vCAT for SDPi"  or "Path to CAT-ready Test Scripts & Tooling">

17:00Wrap up Day 2 & PAT


NameDay #1Day #2OrganizationEmail
David GregorczykxxDrägerwerk AG, OR.NET e.V.
Martin KasparickxxUniversity of Rostock, IMD

Tobias Klotz


xDrägerwerk AGTobias Klotz
Fabian BaumeisterxxSurgiTAIX
Ghaith Al HaresxxSurgiTAIX
Dominik StegemannxxSurgiTAIX
Marcus Könyxxsteute Technologies, Ilara
Thomas Pilsx
Vector Informatik GmbH
Tobias Pabstxx

ICCAS, University of Leipzig

Michael KieferxxPhilips
Lukas DeichmannxxDrägerwerk AG
Bernd DeichmannxxDrägerwerk AG
Pascal BurekxxVector Informatik GmbH
Daniel HaasxxVector Informatik GmbH
Dario Wieschebrok
xOR.NET e.V.

Discussions / Activities

SDPi-Plug-n-trust Transaction Validation & Message Capture

Basically covered by informal test steps 1 and 2 - see interoperability matrix to check which tests got covered by which implementations

Stretch Goal:  SDPi-Reporting Transaction Validation & Message Capture

Basically covered by informal test steps 3, 4, 7 and 8 - see interoperability matrix to check which tests got covered by which implementations

SDPi PAT Takeaways

Plug-a-thon Summary

  • "Vector Informatik GmbH" participated the first time, using the SDCLib/C implementation
  • A new confluence page was set up to support the onboarding and introduce test constraints and sequences: Test Sequences
  • With progression on the interoperability matrix, the need for a more specific test specification comes up. A sophisticated test sequence will faciliate the mapping to SDCPi transactions, for which we still need to figure out the details

Conformity testing

  • SDCcc, which is a modular SDC conformity test tool, can potentially serve as tool to verify conformance to transactions, however:
    • SDCcc hasn't been published under any license yet and hence is not available to the public (work in progress)
    • It is currently not possible to test providers against consumers (not implemented yet)
    • It requires extra effort to build in SDPi transaction tests as so far only MDPWS, BICEPS and Glue requirements are tested with no regard of transactional behaviour. SDCcc provides a plugin-based approach to append further tests but those aren't existing today.
  • Proposal (extra effort required as well):
    • Thin provider and consumer that implement SDPi transactions and generate test result files

Test infastructure

  • A docker base container was created that establishes a VPN connection to the OR.NET VPN
  • The docker container can be used as a starting point for docker containers that run specific test consumers and providers

Day #2 Debrief Discussion Notes

  1. Topic: Next meeting
    1. The next SDC / SDPi PAT #4 will be conducted on 2021-08-04/05. Please contact David Gregorczykfor registration.

Summary of action Items / Tasks from the two days...

  • For the next PAT, Marcus Koeny will provide a hands-on slideset how to use the VPN-featured docker container

Materials for the Archive

Attach or link materials to be persisted from the PAT event, including

  1. <TBD Updated Transaction / WS* message sequence models ... e.g., in PlantUML ... for TF1 & TF2> 
  2. <TBD Captured message examples to be included in TF-2 Appendix A>

NOTE:  These materials will also be captured and publicly available in the IHE sdpi+fhir Github repository under a new "events" folder.