Discussion of Work Group documents in preparation for Virtual Work Group Meeting (WGM)

Devices on FHIR Updates

  • Personal Health Devices (PHD)
  • Point of Care Devices (PoCD)


Stefan Karl
Koichiro Matsumoto
Joe Quinn
John Garguilo
Martin Rosner
John Rhoads (notes)

Meeting Notes

Regarding review of Work Group documents, the agenda item is deferred in order to get information from John Garguilo about the status of the documents based on previous WGM minutes, and to have the vote based on a broader slice of the WG at upcoming agenda/plan meeting

PHD update -


John J. Garguilo Research in previous meeting minutes votes that may have been taken regarding DMP, SWOT, Mission and Charter

John Rhoads put the discussion of documents remaining to be adopted by vote the the WG to a vote in a meeting (next week, time TBD) planned focusing mainly on the 3-yr plan

John Rhoads bring the question of whether the PoCD IG should (1) be published "as-is" with based on resolutions of ballot contents received in Sep. 1018, or (2) should be published with all changes incorporated in the Continuous Integration build, due to the substantial additions especially about IEEE 11073 SDC standards