Facilitator:  Christol Green Durwin Day 

Scribe: Robin Isgett  


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Management Minutes Approval 4/27/2021, 5/4/2021 (Robin will add)Approved by consensus

Payer/Provider Information Exchange - Co-chair electronic 

Russell Ott will not be returning as co-chair.  Christol summarized duties of a co-chair for those that may be interested.

This document, the Nominee Affirmation Form, and a list of co-chairs up for re-election can be accessed online at: Elections | HL7 International.

ManagementDraft May PIE WG agendaTues and Thurs May 25 & 27th2021-05-11 PIE WG Meeting Agenda/Minutes


Attachments Supp IG Ballot rec update AMA comments with Celine - Group will meet again next week.  Mary Lynn, Laurie and Christol meeting wordsmithing Section 4.2.3.CDAR2_AIG_CCDA_EXCHANGE_R1_I1_2021JAN_20201209_v1_comments.docx
RussDental - Getting ready for publicationJean getting close to completing FHIR guide. Connectathon for the IG in Jan 2022.  Half codes implemented form ADA,  need inclusion of other data element (i.e. Periodontal) 
Open Floor

CARIN Digital ID card meetings


Tony B will reach out to Mark

Durwin - FAST  exchange track.  CAQH, EHealth Exchange, HCSC - extended URL 

Tony will check some tracks 

Management Next agenda Tues 05/18/21With Laurie for Attachment Supp IG 
 Adjourned at 3:05 PM EST

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