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Attendance for the New Orleans Vocab (hosted) working group meetings can be found here.

DayQuarterTechnical/BusinessEventChairScribeRoomMeeting MInutes


Jan 28

Q1 No Meeting    
Q2 No Meeting    
  • Agenda planning

Chair: Ted

Rob H - FHIR connectathon is continuing until end of Sunday.

JimCanalDocumented as changes to WGM agenda
  • Workgroup project review
  • Action item review and status

Chair: Ted

Carol, Rob M (and H) - FHIR connectathon is continuing until end of Sunday.


Projects - Documented in Project Insight and here

Agenda item - Documented in 2018 Running Vocab WG Action Item List



Jan 29

  • Project 1047 Characteristics of a formal "value set definition"

Chair: Carol

Key Participants: Ted and Rob

RussJacksonMonday Q1 Minutes


Chair: Rob M.

Not available: Jim at FHIR

HeatherJacksonMonday Q2 Minutes
  • FHIR tracker items

Chair: Carol

Key Participants: Rob H.

HeatherJacksonMonday Q3 Minutes

Chair: Carol

Key Participants: Ted and Rob M

HeatherJacksonMonday Q4 Minutes
Q5BusinessCo-Chair dinner/Steering divisionsAttendees: Russ, Rob M., Rob H., Jim, Ted, Carol   


Jan 30



  • UTG Persistance Model Enhancements
  • Further work on VSE
  • FHIR versioning and value set identifier

Chair: Russ

Not available: Rob H., Jim (IPS)

HeatherEglington WintonTuesday Q1 Minutes

Vocab (hosting) / SD

  • Value set Management
  • Strategy and governance for value set maintenance
  • UTG for CDA

Chair: Russ

Key Participants: Ted and Rob M

HeatherJefferson BallroomTuesday Q2 Minutes

Chair: Rob H

Key Participants: Daniel Karlsson and Peter Williams


HeatherKabacoffTuesday Q3 - Minutes
Q4TechnicalVocab/Patient Care (hosting) 
  • Negation
    (note that we are being hosted by Patient Care, so vocabulary does not have a room this quarter) 

Chair: NA

Not Available: Rob M in SD - USCDI

 Jefferson Ballroom 


Jan 31


Vocab (Hosting)/MnM/FHIR

Chair Ted

Not available: Jim in OO

HeatherCommerceWednesday Q1 Minutes

Vocab (Hosting)/MnM

  • Model-bound vocabulary maintenance
    • V3 RIM CS vocabulary
    • V2 structural vocabulary
    • FHIR model bound vocabulary (question)

Chair: Ted

Not Available: Rob M. in SD

HeatherNorwichWednesday Q2 - Minutes

Vocab/CIMI joint

  • Value Set Expansion and Binding to Terminologies
  • Coordinating SOLOR refsets with Value Sets (especially VSAC)
 Chair:Rob M Carol CampWednesday - Lunch Minutes
Q3TechnicalSplit Vocab/V2 Publishing (Hosting reps) 
  • Glossary
  • Publishing: ODH vocabulary, across product families

Chair: Jim

Key Participants (Glossary): Heather and Susan Barber

Chair Publishing: TBD

Not Available: Ted


Kabacoff - Riverside Bldg (Vocab)

Magazine (Joint with Publishing)

Wednesday Q3 - Minutes
Q4TechnicalVocab/Patient Care (hosting reps) 
  • Harmonizing vocabulary content across product families (ODH proposals, security codes)


Vocab (Split)

  • Glossary continuation

Chair (PC): NA

Key Participant: Ted


Chair (vocab): Carol






Magazine (PC, not listed as joint)


Kabacoff - Riverside Bldg (Voc)





Wednesday Q4 - Minutes



Feb 1


Vocab: 8am - FHIR Value Set (and beyond) identifiers and versioning

Background Information:

Chair: Rob H
HeatherMagazineThursday Q0 - Minutes
Q1TechnicalVocab (Hosting)/CGIT/InM 
  • V2.9 ballot reconciliation
  • Clinical content V2 tables of type "HL7" Should this be changed?
  • New Table Type for V2 tables that have content from a non-V2 HL7 family value set or a non-V2 HL7 code system; treated as an External table but is HL7 (just not V2 family)

Chair: Russ

Not Available: Rob M. in PC-Care Plan, Jim in PC

HeatherMagazineThursday Q1 - Minutes
Q2TechnicalVocab (Hosting)/CGIT 
  • Binding semantics

Chair: Jim

Key Participants: Ted and Rob M

HeatherMagazineThursday Q2 Minutes 

Vocab - Session Cancelled as key particinpants unavailable.

Chair: Russ

Key Participants: Ted

Not available: Jim in FHIR

TedMagazineThursday Q3 Minutes 
  • Co-chair planning for Cologne
Chair: TedJimMagazineThursday Q4 Minutes
  • Thursday Night Facilitator Round Table
Attending Chairs: Ted, Russ, Rob H. Commerce 


Feb 2

  • General business
  • ODH external vocabulary proposals for next Harmonization
Attending: Heather, Ted, Rob M.   
  • General business
Attending: Heather, Ted, Rob M.   
Q3 No Meeting    
Q4 No Meeting    
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