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Subcommittee Lead: Jessica Bota 

Supporting TSMG Co-Chair: Reuben Daniels 


Tuesday 8:00-9:00PM UTC

Tuesday 4:00-5:00PM USA EDT

Wednesday 6:00-7:00AM AEST

Wednesday 9:00-10:00AM NZDT 

See for meeting details.


Attendee type:

M - TSMG Member

O -Observer / Guest


P - present

A - Apologies

X - (Apologies with Proxy)



M (Co-Chair)


Reuben DanielsSaludax


Jess Bota

Apelon, Inc.

Lisa Nelson


Michael Faughn

National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)
Davera GabrielJohns Hopkins University Institute for Clinical and Translational Research

Dan Vreeman

HL7 International


Ted Klein

Klein Consulting


Marc Duteau 

HL7 International

Joan Harper

Canada Health Infoway

John Snyder

National Library of Medicine

Rob Hausam


Alex Kontur

Ravi KafleWashington State Department of Health
Abdullah RafiqiICF
Hope GrayUAB - Birmingham, HL7 Intern
Martha JonesGeorge Mason, HL7 Intern

Antitrust statement

Professional Associations, such as HL7, which bring together competing entities are subject to strict scrutiny under applicable antitrust laws. HL7 recognizes that the antitrust laws were enacted to promote fairness in competition and, as such, supports laws against monopoly and restraints of trade and their enforcement. Each individual participating in HL7 meetings and conferences, regardless of venue, is responsible for knowing the contents of and adhering to the HL7 Antitrust Policy as stated in §05.01 of the Governance and Operations Manual (GOM).

Agenda Topics

Meeting was recorded

Agenda Outline

Time Allocation


Agenda Item
  • Rollcall & Proxies
  • Note that meetings are recorded
  • Agenda check
  • Scheduling next call
    • Jess not available for next two Tuesdays to run call (SNOMED Expo travel)
    • I believe Reuben will also be attending
    • Get scheduling calls on main TSMG agenda
  • THO release v4.0.0
    • IG publisher update introduced errors and broken links
    • 1.2.0 and 1.2.1 releases have a clean build
    • Marc is continuing the release process
  • Progress continues to be made on integrating automated IG publisher validation into UTG process
    • Context-sensitive help infrastructure is working
    • IG Publisher validation of proposed content is working
      • Working on parsing/comparing errors/warnings of branch to the CI build
      • Working on automations
New Business30 JB/RD
  • Alignment of THO and V2 Publication
    • Initial import from Frank's database done by consultant
    • Did not have funding for validation check after import (was able to spot check)
    • Only took 2.9 release and created FHIR code system and value set resources from the databases
    • Tables and concept domains had different model mapping 
      • Tables to single code system (V2 tables)
      • Concept domain mapped V2 concept domains into same model as V3 concept domains, which is also a code system
    • Legally we needed to remove some content supported in V2/V3 such as NUBC codes
    • This makes comparing the content more difficult
    • There have also been modifications after 2.9 publication via THO
    • We do not have previous versions of V2/V3 content in THO (and no current plan to do so), such as content prior to 2.9
    • TSMG/V2 need to determine if we want to take the work on to make everything explicit and deliberate so that we define the correct uri through the table property to also be linked in the code system
      • CodeSystem.valueSet is intended to be a pointer to the all codes Code System, including inactive codes
      • So there needs to be a different value set that the V2 tables links to
      • Table content has to include only active codes, so that implies that in every code system which there are inactive codes there will be different value sets 
      • Issue is not isolated to V2
    • There are tables that include content for more than one code system
      • Value set connected to table inform codes for table, but if you follow value set to underlying code systems then the implicit value set will point to set of codes which are not the same as in the table because that implicit value set might have additional codes not in the table value set and won't include the codes from the other code system
      • Generally use naming conventions to make things clear, and the ones used are making it more confusing
        • Code systems/value sets named after table number
        • So when you have partial codes, from multiple code systems, or inactive codes, then the names lead you astray
    • Questions for TSMG:
      • Do we want to clean up the naming?
      • Do we want to declare modeling policies for unification?
    • What will V2 do right now?
      • Frank is moving forward with publishing entirety of Chapter 2c for 2.9.1 which he believes he has updated with THO changes since its initial publication
      • Michael may be able to pull it from the Word doc
        • Plan is to extract content from v2.9.1 and do third party verification of what is there and compare to what is in THO
        • Ted noted that each release the properties change, table metadata may have changed in addition to terminology content
        • Need to be able to document what is different in V2 content between db and THO
      • Ideally should have pointers to content in THO from V2 publication
      • Redirects are to latest release so changing code system in CI build, the V2 link will still point to published values


  • Handling THO anchored content in the FHIR spec FHIR-37440 - Getting issue details... STATUS  
    • Michael has completed an initial review 
      • Assumption is that resources will share <id> (we know this isn't a rule but we need something to link the resources)
      • There are 42 code systems anchored in THO that are only in the FHIR core specification
        • Need to do same analysis for value sets
        • Assume they need to be moved but would like to finish analysis
      • There are 72 code systems and 190 value sets that are potential duplicates across THO/FHIR
        • Continue to discuss how to address changes across the following code system elements:
          • meta.lastUpdated (all) - not consequential
          • date (all) - not consequential
          • url - once moved, should all be anchored in tho
          • experimental (19) - we assume that all code systems may have been set to false upon moving to THO but this requires verification
          • title (23)
          • valueSet (70)
          • meta.profile (62) - not consequential
          • description (22)
          • publisher (18) - not consequential
          • name (8) - consequential, involve WGs if needed
          • contact (18)
          • status (17)
          • oid (25) - consequential and require cleanup, need to understand how this is happening from Grahame as there are duplicate OIDs across and within THO and FHIR (urn:oid:2.16.840.1.113883.4.642.1.0)
          • property (1)
          • hierarchyMeaning (1)
          • extensions
            • telecom
            • standards status
            • workgroup
            • fmm
          • concepts (18) - consequential, involve WGs if needed
        • Discuss how to address changes across the following value set system elements:
          • name (29)
          • oid (5)
          • status (19)
          • standards-status (10)
          • title (63)
          • description (25)
          • normative-version (1)
          • experimental (159)
          • immutable (123)
          • compose.include.system (19)
          • date (180)
          • extensions 
            • fmm (25)
    • Goal is to get a list of resources we consider duplicates or easily categorizable fixes (only have non-consequential differences) and then a list of duplicate resources that need to be consolidated/resolved
      • Grahame can handle the duplicates and WGs will need to be involved in the resources that need consolidation
  • Education session for WGM (Monday lunch slot for FHIR committers)
    • Should be clear about where resources should live
    • For required bindings, the value set and associated code system should live in the FHIR spec
Subcommittee Work in Progress15JB/RD
  • THO cleanup
    • These tickets have approval from TSMG to proceed in UTG
      • Fix the "All HL7 Code Systems" tab to exclude external content UP-320 - Getting issue details... STATUS
      • Add tabs for deprecated content (based on deprecation task force) UP-321 - Getting issue details... STATUS DONE
      • Add subtabs to categorize identifier systems
      • Add profiles and extensions to THO
      • List resources by title (currently name) DONE
  • Execution of Deprecation representation and policy in UTG/THO
  • Task force recommendation review and implementation (voting, quorums, WG health, etc.): UTG Task Force Recommendations to TSC 
    • Should review and prioritize for implementation after automation work is stable
   Adjournment0 JBCall adjourned at 5:06PM EDT. Next call in two weeks at 4:00PM EDT August 27, 2022.

Action items