Chair: Chris Shawn 

Scribe: Liz Oppenheim


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Chris Shawn (Co-Chair)

Liz Oppenheim (Co-Chair)MITRE
Grey Faulkenberry (Co-Chair)MayJuun
Mohammad Jafari (Co-Chair)VA
Lizz Olson (Co-Chair)Atrium Health
Ken SalyardsHHS/ACF
Joanna ThurstonHHS/ACF
Jessica BanksGoldbelt
Jasmine StewartGoldbelt
Sal RanaGoldbelt

Serafina Versaggi, Karen Bertodatti, Eric Whitebay, Karen Bishop, Ken Lord, Candace Olivia, Michelle Zancan, Gordon Campbell, Lisa Moon, Jasmine Stewart, Gordon Campbell, Greg Bloom, Brian Handspicker, Robert Dieterle

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5/26/2022 Public Call Meeting Minutes

(Approve by general consent)

  • Approved by general consent
  • It was noted that HSS WG meetings are held every other week.
  • It was highlighted that the CMS HL7 Connectathon is being held July 19-21st; Cost is free; Can sign up until June 15th.
  • An overview of the meeting be held by the HSS WG at the September meeting were outlined.

Projects and Relevant Topics

  • FHIR IG for Human Services Directories
    • HSDS Project
    • Update from project team to WG on progress.
    • Input from WG to project team as to ideas, requirements, suggestions about how each stakeholder perspective envisions they will interact with this kind of directory (i.e., how the directories are currently, or intending to be searched, as well as what are the critical data elements used for keyword searches and for filtering results?).
  • Review HL7 Project Proposals
  • Serafina Versaggi indicated that Open City Labs is planning to participate in the Connectathon.
  • Brian Handspicer indicated that they are brinigng code
  • Using PDEX as base for developing implementation guide. Differentiator from national directory is the underlying terminology to serve as the foundation. 
  • Looking for CBOs to implement a standard based directory
  • As this evolves may be other WG that may be interested.
  • Plan to bring the DAM and API to this group for a review in June/July. May want to meet more frequently aft that.
  • In the process of drafting the guide and a draft domain analysis model.
  • Will participate in Sept Connectathon and the CMS July Connetathon.
  • Ballot in Jan 2023
  • Currently seeking input from HSS WG on use cases and directory search parameters.
  • Want to make sure it is aligned with National Directory
  • Direct Trust Information Exchange for Human Services-Developed for human services and social care folks to gather to understand and educate the social care community on existing standards, and many healthcare standards and encourage the social care community to adopt social care standards that have been working on to solve the interoperability issues.
  • Q: Once there is a version 1 who has the responsibility/authority for governance and maintenance for the terminology specifically (the codes)?
  • A; It depends on the terminology being talked about-HSDS is terminology agnostic. Have taken that model and fields and mapped them to existing FHIR profiles. HSDS database is all text. 
  • Need the WG to help identify the fields that will be used to identify the services. Don't currently have a controlled vocabulary. Need to create a numerated list for the fields and have to be able to support those implementing in a standard-based way or not.
  • Robert D-IN the Gravity work and National Directory work have made it possible to use traditional healthcare codes, but also worked with 211 LA to include their code system. IN the process of creating a FHIR compliant server, so will be able to have in IG reference to 211. Started with 211 LA because of the broad adoption. IN this work, all the parties that are collaborating understand the scope and boundaries. Have this issue on all code systems.
  • Different code systems are created for different codes systems-so making sure you can represent it in the appropriate code sytstem to represent it in multiple code systems.
  • Greg Bloom-There are domain specific considerations that may be different. Have to create an enabling environment. Create a baseline of interoperability in which you can create other interoperability. 
  • Social Care Referrals-This is just the directory aspect that the project is focused on.


  • Is there a confluence site where the IG and DAM-Yes
    • PSS2001-Jira/ PSS-2001 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • Will put IG and DAM on Github
    • HSS has created a space to put links and information on the project.
  • The HSS WG will be the place for the public calls
  • Chris-May want to set up a special project call off cycle from the main work group call. The HSS WG would be happy to set it up.
  • Chris indicated that we have not had a full agenda for many calls. Could dedicate the second half of this call to a working call.
  • Would like the group to see the work as it is being developed as it is useful to have input rather than a complete approach and asking to critique it.
    • Intent is to begin the draft and have the WG provide input and feedback.
  • Just completed the mapping analysis with technical team. Would expect that in the next call, something will be shared with the WG.
  • Will plan to devote second half of the next meeting as a working call for the project.
  • Brian Handspicker is working on their own directory-CHief Technologoy Officer of Office City Labs, part of the FireFly Team, ACL special referrals challenge- working on implementing Gravity referrals. Need alignment with HSDS and FHIR-
  • Engaged in project while National Directory challenge is underway.
  • Serafina indicated that Bob is concerned about maintaining alignment She does not participate in the national directory calls as I don't have time. Is there someone on this call that does? 

6Next Meeting
  • Any agenda items WG members want to add?

The meeting was adjourned at 3:57

Next HSS WG public call: June 23rd, 2022- We will dedicate at least half of this meeting to the project discussed today.

Please let us know if you have a comment, question or complaint, please feel free to email one of the co-chairs.

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