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New Proposals and PSS for review - PIE comments or interest

  1. Project Proposals 
    1. PSS-1970 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    2. PSS-2091 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  2. Project Scope Statements

PSS-1970 Vulcan FHIR-to-OMOP (Observation Medical Outcomes Partnership)

Commented that PIE WG is not an interested party at this time.

PSS-2091 Physical Activity Imp Guide

Commented that PIE WG is an interested party.

Abigail Watson

PSS-2088 - Standard Patient Health Record 

Abigail is with Miter and a co-chair of the Patient Empowerment National Strategy Workgroup responsible for patient ownership of health records development.  This work needs to be accelerated to keep up with future USCDI versions.  The WG did an environmental survey and made a list of goals.  The question is how to move forward into FHIR.  They are proposing a new .SPHR file extension for bulk data exports like a DICOM (radiology) directory structure.  This would open up a PHR functional model resource list beyond USCDI for patient personas.  Acceleration like the Argonaut exports.  Lenel stated that from a payer perspective, we should at least be an interested party.  Commented that PIE WG is an interested party.  Abigail stated that she is trying to get EHR and FHIR workgroups as sponsor or co-sponsors.    


FHIR-35151 - Getting issue details... STATUS .

Durwin stated that changes are being made before the July CMS connectathon.   Stanley thought that further discussion is needed with Bob Dieterle.  Christol stated that some elements may be important to payers regarding solicited requests.  Requirements may need to be done by the PIE WG.  Health LX and Sandbox were mentioned. Durwin asked for participation in the CMS connectathon. 

Management Next agendaFurther CDex discussion.
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