SDC Roles:  (

  • SDC Form Designer - System responsible for creating and editing form designs
  • SDC Form Filler - System responsible for capturing user form input to produce partially or fully completed forms
  • SDC Form Manager - Repository for form definitions. May also perform pre-population
  • SDC Form Response Manager - Searchable repository for storage and retrieval of completed and partially completed forms.
  • SDC Form Receiver - Write-only destination to which forms are sent for processing
  • SDC Form Archiver - Write-only system responsible for archiving completed forms as well as works in progress

Other roles listed on the track page:

  • Data Provider - A FHIR Server that provides data for use in the pre-population of a form, and also clinical context (preferably through smart on fhir app launch)

  • Populate Server - A server that implements the SDC $populate operation, with FHIRPath or Observation based data extraction processing.

  • Extract Server (?)- A server that implements the SDC $extract operation
Who / Contact InfoGoalsSDC Roles OfferedSDC Roles Needed
Paul Lynch / chat.fhir.orgFeedback on NLM FHIR toolsForm Filler, Form Designer, Data Provider
Chris Melo (Philips) / chat.fhir.orgICHOM Breast Cancer Patient Outcome Measures IG - testing

Vadim Peretokin (Philips) / chat.fhir.orgTrying out NLM tools, custom in-house tools, Google's SDC Android libraryQuestionnaire definitionsForm Filler
Marcel Hofman (Logex) / chat.fhir.orgProviding FHIR endpoint for storage of QuestionnairesFHIR endpoint, visualization (Jupiter notebook) - to view QRs, basic analysis & graphs
Mladen Georgiev & Hristo Ivanov (MySynergy) / chat.fhir.orgEnhancing form definitions to add pre-population. Want to store Questionnaires and data bundles in FHIR server and view them in a Form Filler.Examples of pre-populationForm Manager (currently stored in GitHub); Form Filler; Form Receiver. 
Marieke Span / chat.fhir.orgAssist Vadim in testing Questionnaire tools

Halina Labikova (Varian Medical Systems) /

Use SDC forms to prepoluate and extract data; writing FHIRPath; content related to oncology (breast cancer)
Form Filler (renderer)
Henk Jan van der Horst (VitalHealth)Send QuestionnaireResponse to FHIR server endpoint and view them in SDC Form Receiver/ArchieverFiller, Form DesignerForm Receiver
David HayTest Questionnaire Form FillerForm DesignerForm Filler
Brian Postlethwaite

Working on QR/Q Validators (in .net)


Form Designer, Form Repository/Receiver

Track Results


Brian Postlethwaite (Microsoft), Paul Lynch (NLM), Hristo Ivanov, Kevin Byrne, Diane Rodden, David Hay, Marcel Hofman, Lloyd McKenzie (Accenture), Chris Melo, Ravi Raj, Smitha Vellanky, Danielle Duncan, Todd Anderson, Eric Haas, Mladen Georgiev, Ani Singh, Alex Kontur (ONC), Michiel Clements (Philips), Henk Jan van der Horst (Philips), Vadim Peretokin (Philips), Peter Muir, Halina Labikova, Bas van den Heuvel, Marieke Span, and others.


Lloyd McKenzie gave a walkthrough of the SDC Implementation Guide (which resulted in picking up a few minor inconsistencies)

The demonstrations have shown that the SDC guide is quite mature and very expressive meeting a wide variety of needs.

The ICHOM project is being implemented by Philips in the Netherlands and had questions on structure between QuestionnaireResponse and Questionnaire.

The status of the Questionnaire translation functionality discussed and will be continued on the weekly calls - hopefully with some additional implementers providing feedback.

Questions on the extract functionality (by definition - but in general) specifically for the "update" a resource type capacity - some thought it was to only update content created by the assessment, others thought it could be used to update any data in general (and thus perform a patch/merge style interaction) - this will be picked up on the regular SDC calls for clarification

Peter Muir started a discussion about how Questionnaires and QuesitonnaireResponses might be summarized in some way so that clinicians only need to see the fields or answers important to them.

Various implementions were tested and bugs were reported.

Several tracker items were logged against SDC for some clarification:

  • FHIR-37269 - Behviour.html text attribute had description missing
  • FHIR-37339 - Usage context is missing slicing details
  • Allow for code value (string) to convert to Coding implicit casting? (and derive the system based on context) - Maybe by checking the available options and ensure a unique match on the code
  • Should the status of the questionnaire impact the validation processing? i.e. provide warnings that the Questionnaire definition you are validating the QR against is either inactive or draft, or outside the effectivePeriod.
  • FHIR-37340 - Provide clarity on validation of TEXT vs STRING item type responses and newlines
  • Clarify the usage of the Definition based extraction
  • FHIR-37341 - Allow initial/calculatedExpression to resolve to a code matching a Coding from an item's answerValueSet or answerOption.valueCoding
  • FHIR-37342 - Add a way for people to find the weekly call information
  • FHIR-37344 - definition-based extraction to create a new resource has unclear documentation

What next?

Advance the language translations in the upcoming conference calls, and also the data extract from QR into objects performing updates and clarify the intended scope on that functionality.

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