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Review and test aspects of the ONC FAST National Directory effort & Da Vinci Payer Data Exchange Plan-Net

Long Description

Review of the existing implementation guides that are part of input into the FAST Directory solution.  The existing implementation guides include the National Directory Exchange IG, the Endpoint Query IG and the Attestation and Validation IG. The FAST solution document outlines the direction that will be taken in creating the three new IGs that are part of the National Directory work effort at HL7.

The goal of the project is to create FHIR based standards for:

1) The exchange of validated healthcare directory information in a federated access environment based on the Validated Healthcare Directory standard localized for the US Realm using work completed for the PDex Plan Net FHIR IG (includes 11-14 in drawing below),

2) Query for FHIR endpoints from any federated directory instance (includes 15-16 in the drawing below), and

3) Submitting attested information to the validated directory and verifying the information against primary sources (includes 1-10 in drawing below).

This project is needed to provide standards for the population, validation, exchange and query of a federated access national healthcare directory.  It will:

  1. Minimize the burden on providers in supplying this information to multiple payers, healthcare organizations, and professional societies
  2. Improve the quality of demographic and relationship information associated with healthcare organizations and individuals,
  3. Provide a reliable source of electronic endpoints to facilitate the exchange of healthcare information (e.g. patient records and referrals).  In particular, the standards will facilitate the creation, population, and use of a national resource to support the scaling of FHIR based exchanges to support more efficient and better informed delivery of health care services.

Project Page:

Plan Net enables patients/consumers to see which providers and pharmacies are in-network for a given organization insurance plan.

These implementation guides are recommended by CMS as one way to comply with the  Patient Access API rule.

This track will continue the work of previous connectathon tracks and focus on testing:

Plan-Net IG:

  • The Plan Net profiles and Endpoints
  • General health care service, provider, and pharmacy search
  • Pharmacy mix
  • Ability to manage provider directory list for incoming/outgoing providers


Review initial implementation guide work and test associated reference implementations and third party software

Track Lead(s)

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Specification Information

The FAST Directory Track will use both of the following IG as reference information

National Directory Exchange FHIR IG:

National Directory Endpoint Query FHIR IG:

National Directory Attestation and Validation FHIR IG:

Reference Implementations

National Directory Directory Reference Implementation (Validation / Attestation / UDAP)

PDex Plan Net Reference Implementation

Call for participants

Payers and Providers interested in using an endpoint directory to facilitate implementing the CMS and ONC final rules

National Directory Planning Calls

June 23, 2022 planning call: File Storage - S3 Connector (National Directory)

June 30, 2022 planning call: File Storage - S3 Connector (National Directory)

July 7, 2022 planning call: File Storage - S3 Connector (National Directory)

July 11, 2022 planning call: File Storage - S3 Connector (National Directory)

July 14, 2022 planning call: File Storage - S3 Connector (National Directory)

July 18, 2022 planning call: File Storage - S3 Connector (National Directory)

Zulip stream

Zulip stream for comments and questions regarding the ONC FAST Directory Track

Track Implementers Connection Call

Meeting Recording here: FAST National Directory & Da Vinci PDex Plan Net Implementer Connection Call

Minutes: 2022-06-16 National Directory Exchange & Query Meeting - Patient Administration - Confluence

Thursday, 6/16/22 at 11:00 am EST

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Meeting ID: 984 2423 2906

Passcode: 112168

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Track Report Out

Testing Scenario:

Role 1 Name: Federated Directory Actor

Role 2 Name: Application Query Actor


Query the Federated Directory for a specific endpoint based on the name or ID of a payer organization

Scenario Step 1 Connect to Federated Directory API endpoint

Action: Authenticate to Federated Directory Endpoint

Success Criteria:  ability to access a Federated Directory API 

Scenario Step 2 Query for endpoint information for a specific Payer

Action: RESTful GET of endpoint information for a specific Payer organization

Success Criteria:  ability to return endpoint information for a specific payer organization

Scenario Step 3 Query Bulk Data endpoint 

Action: RESTful GET of streaming NDJSON file 

Success Criteria:  ability to return bulk data stream for a specific resource

Stretch Goal:  ability to query NDJSON bulk data from IPFS or BitTorrent 


Security and Privacy Considerations:

FAST UDAP Security protocols required for some use case exchanges.

Plan-Net IG:

  • General Search
  • Provider Search
  • Pharmacy Search
  • Pharmacy Mix


Touchstone Tests are found at: