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Review HL7 Anti-Trust Policy

HL7 code of conduct:

Christol read the Antitrust statement.
ManagementMinutes Approval 4/19/22Minutes approved by consensus.

New Proposals and PSS for review - PIE comments or interest

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    1. PSS-2040 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    2. PSS-2044 - Getting issue details... STATUS

2040 - PSS is international and regards ISO and HL7 agreement.  Commented no PIE involvement at this time, but would like quarterly updates.

2044 - Gender Harmony.  Bob stated that s NJ law will require gender identity on lab orders.  It may come down to payers needing to report sexual orientation and gender identity in the future.  Commented that PIE workgroup is an interested party.



2022 Regular May cycle:

Ballot Open  for Comments Date: Friday, April 1, 2022 

Ballot Review (How To) How to Guide for Balloting using Jira - HL7 - Confluence

Ballot Close Date: Monday, May 2, 2022

May Connectathon May 2-4, 2022

May 2022 WGM  May 9-13, 2022

Review PIE WG Agenda

Bob stated that the CMS connectathon would be July 19-21.

277 RFI fields review and mapping in CDex.  Stanley asked about why using the claim number in the response.  Also asked if the 277 would be used for prior authorization.  This will be discussed when the WG meets at the HL7 conference. 

AllCDex Payer to Provider solicited request for claims and prior authorization supplemental documentationBob asked that people participate in the connectathons.  A server is being built and they would like to test attachments, signatures, feedback and requests.
CilleCARIN Updates

Mark - stated they submitted 120 comments plus elements from Blue Button to USCDI v3.  Bob said that comments do not get carried over to the next version (v4).

Cille - 4 tickets done.  1 outstanding issue to update IG is being worked on by Corey.  The draft will be ready for the connectathon.  Mark said they had a kick-off session, but no one attended.

Management Next agendaMay 3rd meeting is cancelled.  Will meet on May 9th at the HL7 Conference WG meeting.
 Adjourned at 3:20 PM EST.

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