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An 'undefined' page is any page that has been linked to from within Confluence, but that does not yet exist.

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Undefined Page Linked From
DOF-34 Page: DOF-34 Implementation Guidance: Security considerations (Devices On FHIR)
DOF-35 Page: DOF-35 Implementation Guidance: Privacy considerations (Devices On FHIR)
DOF-36 Page: DOF-36 Determine source for mapping documentation methods: element.mapping entries, text (Devices On FHIR)
DOF-37 Page: DOF-37 Handle canonical URL mappings for MDC code systems (Devices On FHIR)
DOF-38 Page: DOF-38 Check for inconsistancies due to change from 3.5.0 to 4.x (Devices On FHIR)
DOF-39 Page: DOF-39 IHE SDPi "grouped" actors and FHIR (Devices On FHIR)
DOF-4 Page: DOF-4 Finalize Canonical URL Usage ( (Devices On FHIR)
DOF-40 Page: DOF-40 Any needed conversion from Kathrin Riech's BICEPS to FHIR mappings to IG (Devices On FHIR)
DOF-41 Page: DOF-41 Waveform examples (Devices On FHIR)
DOF-44 Page: DOF-44 Provenance Resource Use (Devices On FHIR)
DOF-5 Page: DOF-5 Finalize Content for December Ballot (Devices On FHIR)
DOF-6 Page: DOF-6 OO Kind vs. Instance Discussion - Engage Hans & Team (Devices On FHIR)
DOF-7 Page: DOF-7 HL7 FHIR Point-of-Care Device Implementation Guide (Devices On FHIR)
DOF-8 Page: DOF-8 When to update and when to create a resource instance on the server. (Devices On FHIR)
DOF-9 Page: DOF-9 Restrict cardinality of DeviceMDS.identifier to 1..* (Devices On FHIR)
Device Interoperability using SDPi+FHIR Page: 2020-05-04 DoF PoCD Subgroup (Devices On FHIR)
Project Gemini Page: 2020-05-04 DoF PoCD Subgroup (Devices On FHIR)
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