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2020-02-26 Health Care Devices (DEV) - Review and Approve Sydney WGM Minutes Page: Meetings (Devices On FHIR)
Add notes material Page: 2020-07-06 DoF PoCD Subgroup (Devices On FHIR)
Ballot Comment Page: DoF 2018-01-24 Weekly Meeting (Devices On FHIR)
DOF-1 Page: DOF-1 Create Basic PoCD IG Outline in Simplifier (Devices On FHIR)
DOF-10 Page: DOF-10 Restrict cardinality of DeviceVMD.patient and .location to 0..0 (Devices On FHIR)
DOF-11 Page: DOF-11 Restrict cardinality of DeviceChannel.patient and .location to 0..0 (Devices On FHIR)
DOF-12 Page: DOF-12 Ensemble representation in FHIR (Devices On FHIR)
DOF-13 Page: DOF-13 Deal with PCIM (Devices On FHIR)
DOF-14 Page: DOF-14 Querying (Devices On FHIR)
DOF-15 Page: DOF-15 Device resource: distinguish status of resource instance from status of device (Devices On FHIR)
DOF-16 Page: DOF-16 Define means to allow determination of the containment tree path for IHE DEC messages (Devices On FHIR)
DOF-17 Page: DOF-17 Add a means to determine which DeviceMetric relates to which Generic Pressure/Temp? (Devices On FHIR)
DOF-18 Page: DOF-18 Arrangements with NIST regarding transfer of terminology content to HL7 (Devices On FHIR)
DOF-19 Page: DOF-19 Add use case description to IG (Devices On FHIR)
DOF-2 Page: DOF-2 Timeline & Process for Simplifier IT to December Ballot (Devices On FHIR)
DOF-20 Page: DOF-20 Write brief comparison with Personal Health Device IG (Devices On FHIR)
DOF-21 Page: DOF-21 Additional examples in IG (Devices On FHIR)
DOF-22 Page: DOF-22 How to map CTE descriptor and state versions? (Devices On FHIR)
DOF-23 Page: DOF-23 Maintain compatibility with evolving IG Publisher spec (Devices On FHIR)
DOF-24 Page: DOF-24 Consider "must support" flags (Devices On FHIR)
DOF-25 Page: DOF-25 Add capability statement to IG (Devices On FHIR)
DOF-26 Page: DOF-26 Add DeviceMetric profiles for Sample Arrays (Devices On FHIR)
DOF-27 Page: DOF-27 Create Observation profiles for Sample Arrays (waveforms) (Devices On FHIR)
DOF-28 Page: DOF-28 Implementation Guidance: Creating a Device Model (Devices On FHIR)
DOF-29 Page: DOF-29 Implementation Guidance: Mapping from HL7 v2 to FHIR (Devices On FHIR)
DOF-3 Page: DOF-3 Vital Signs Profile - 11073-LOINC mapping table (Devices On FHIR)
DOF-30 Page: DOF-30 Implementation Guidance: Mapping fro IEEE 11073-10201 to FHIR (Devices On FHIR)
DOF-31 Page: DOF-31 Implementation Guidance: Mapping from IEEE 11073-10207 to FHIR (Devices On FHIR)
DOF-32 Page: DOF-32 Implementation Guidance: other than RESTful transfer (e.g. Messaging) (Devices On FHIR)
DOF-33 Page: DOF-33 Implementation Guidance: Safety considerations (Devices On FHIR)
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