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Within each row, enter the explicit work product(s) / objective(s).  Indicate their target date at the right in WGM/Ballot Cycle format.  Include the project end date as the last objective (for standards projects, the end date will be the projected ANSI approval date). 

Target Date(in WGM or ballot cycle format, e.g.

‘2017 Sept WGM’ or

‘2017 Jan Ballot’)

Enter objective/deliverable here.

All planned ballots and their target dates should be included

The example below is a "STU to Normative" path

Enter Target Date

Submit for STU Ballot(First Ballot Cycle)

2022 Jan May Ballot

Complete STU Reconciliation

2022 May Sep WGM

Submit for 2nd STU Ballot (if needed)

2022 May Sep Ballot

Request STU Publication

2022 Sep WGMDec

STU Period – 12 months

2023 Jan - 2024 Jan

Submit for Normative Ballot

2024 May Ballot

Complete Normative Reconciliation

2024 Sep WGM

Submit Publication Request

2024 Oct

Receive ANSI Approval

2024 Nov

Project End Date (all objectives have been met)

2024 Dec


Projects must adhere to the TSC's guidelines (which were approved on 2016-04-04 and summarized in Appendix A).

A template to create a Project Page on the HL7 Wiki is available at:

Enter the SPECIFIC URL of the HL7-MANAGED SITE where supporting project documents, deliverables, ballot reconciliation work and other project information will be kept

3.j.   Backwards Compatibility