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Prioritized Recommendations by Principle
The Five Principles that serve as anchors to the strategy and next steps are listed below. View the full list of recommendations that align with each principle here.

  • Principle 1: Focus
  • Principle 2: Global Relevance
  • Principle 3: Agility
  • Principle 4: Sustainability
  • Principle 5: Community

Oversight Structure & Opportunities for Participation
To begin strategy implementation, the Board created several task groups displayed here, along with their assigned recommendations.

Activities will be managed by an Oversight Committee comprised of members of the Executive Committee and other Board-appointed individuals. A Communications Strategy Task Group has been established to develop and implement a vital communications plan for both members and other stakeholders.

Members of each task group are charged with:

  • Defining and refining the recommendations
  • Identifying the core outcomes
  • Detailing specific actions and intermediate steps
  • Establishing a timeline with target milestones
  • Detailing cost/resources for each assigned recommendation

There will be active coordination between the task groups and the HL7 Board, work groups and committees including the Advisory Council, TSC, International Council, Policy Committee, co-chairs group and others.

If you would like to participate in one of these task groups please contact HL7 Associate Executive Director Karen Van Hentenryck.

Next Steps

  • Task groups will begin their work immediately
  • Periodic meetings to discuss the strategy will be held with the Board, committees, councils and work groups
  • HL7 will hold monthly membership listening sessions to review progress and solicit member feedback on the strategy
  • Periodic progress updates will continue to be sent to the HL7 membership

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