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Management2020-11-12 Meeting Minutes/Agenda approved by acclimation.
Military History Project

Update from Military History Project team

Confluence page: Military Service History and Status FHIR Profiles Project Page

NIB submitted 22 October 2020

Further discussion on today's CGP call.

Current build:

IG using SUSHI (FHIR Shorthand) - Ioana working on Use Case for first page. Artifacts tab to show Profiles, Behavior (Operation definitions), Resource Profiles (Military episode, etc.). Still working on some terminology items. Using Logica extensions.

Discussed how to address warnings.

Awaiting final content - will consider an ad hoc call on December 3 for final review. Initial content review started today with link to current build

US Core Path

Path as discussed at the September WGM: US_Core_Release2020_Updated_24September2020

Progress Summary

US Core

  • Process Discussion:
    • Consider new standard process discussed on US Realm Steering Committee November 10, 2020:
      • Requests for variances from US Core are considered in US Realm Steering Committee which enters a comment on the Jira tracker (that the variance is approved by US Realm). CGP will subsequently review the tracker for consideration for whether the suggested variance should represent a change to US Core and, if so, when.
      • Potential challenge - how does US Realm know any given US Core tracker is a variance request?
      • Related trackers (from Saul Kravitz, MITRE):

  1. FHIR-28381 
    1. reopened (vote) - Brett Marquard/Doug Pratt: 12 - 0 -0.
    2. Resolved - Doug Pratt/Drew Torres:12-0-0
  2. FHIR-29667 - late addition, persuasive
    1. Resolved - Eric Haas/Brett Marquard:12-0-0
  3. FHIR-29695 - NEW: make Procedure.performedDateTime must support and period optional (pre-applied)
    1. Resolved - Eric Haas/Brett Marquard:12-0-0
  4. FHIR-28375 - Must Support Over Interpreted - Updated per Must Support Survey Results
    1. Resolved - Drew Torres/Brett Marquard:12-0-0
  5. FHIR-28382 pulled from Block Vote 4 - Hans Buitendijk - Agree, changed to persuasive.
    1. Resolved -  Drew Torres/Brett Marquard:12-0-0
  6. FHIR-29563  pulled from Block Vote 4  - Lloyd McKenzie - Agree, changed to persuasive. 
    1. Resolved - Floyd Eisenberg/Gay Dolin:6-3-3
  7. FHIR-28385 pulled from Block Vote 3 - Hans Buitendijk - issued does not align with searches. Recommend Hans take up with OO
    1. Resolved - Eric Haas/Drew Torres:12-0-0
  8. FHIR-28392 pulled from Block Vote 4 - Hans Buitendijk - (duplicate FHIR-28075)
    1. Resolved - Drew Torres/Brett Marquard:7-0-0
  9. FHIR-29745 
    1. Resolved - Brett Marquard/Floyd Eisenberg: 12-0-0

January Virtual WGM Planning

Virtual room reservation entered for Thursday, January 28 Q3 during the January virtual WGM (entry made on Thursday, 12 November 2020)

Tentative WGM agenda for CGP = Virtual WGM Agenda/Minutes January 2021 - Cross-Group Projects (CGP)

Deferred (room request completed)
Adjourned at 2:03 PM EST. Plan ad hoc call on December 3 to review both projects for approval.