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TopicNew PSSContinuousJulie

Report on PSS/NIB process conversation with Melva

11-Nov: Report completed. No further discussion.


CodeX Cancer Registry Reporting 


Discuss TNM issues?


  • JJ presented email from Rob McClure regarding cancer staging data elements.
  • Item to be discussed when Rob McClure is able to join an HTA meeting to describe the issue. 

External SDO Issues or additional topics



1) Third party copyright notification to HQ (as approved by TSC and HTA)

"Please note that some external, licensed code systems content when present in an HL7 specification is subject to additional copyright from third parties' (for example proprietary assessment scale content in LOINC, and/or language translation copyright), the use of which must comply with the applicable terms of use from the third party. For further information and for details of how implementers should manage use of additional party content (including license obligations) please see the copyright information provided by the code system authority."

This has been communicated to Karen van at HQ by Julie


  • JJ sent to Karen, but TSC raised concerns about it not being approved by TSC first.
  • Austin (TSC) will sent this wording to eVote for TSC approval. Then it will go to HQ.

2) SNOMED CT editions – previously agreed that each SNOMED edition requires its own code system information page (and, in future, its own FHIR CodeSystem resource in HL7 Terminology)

Reuben proposed and it was accepted that : a) that we update our SCT page to be explicitly the "international edition" b) additional pages be created for national editions as required c) UTG / be updated in line with a) and b)

Practical technicalities discussion - Can multiple Naming System resources have the same URI (distinguished only by what is present in the version identifier) and still work in the IG Publisher? Vocab will work on the implementation of this.


  • No further discussion required on this in HTA.
TopicHL7 Terminology Product FamilyNewReuben

Report out on "Terminology Product Family" that occurred on Wednesday 11/11 @ 1 PM


  • JJ noted:
    • On Monday 9 Nov, a number of HTA members (Carol, Julie and Reuben) were invited to meet with TSC members to discuss the creation of a Terminology Product Family.
    • Meeting occurred on Wednesday, 11 November.
    • A number of questions was raised e.g. what are the products?
    • JJ noted that the group needs more representation from Europe.
    • A summary of what Product Families and Product Lines are was presented.
    • Separating governance, methodology and management for terminology is the goal.
    • A long discussion ensued on what the HL7 Terminology Product Family will be e.g. will it be (THO), is it binding syntax and implementation guidance about using terminologies, etc. ?
    • What has been agreed is that a group will try and work out a mission and charter which would include the scope (products / services) which such a product family may have.
    • If a mission and charter can be produced then this group may be valuable.
    • This is challenging because terminology is cross functional.
    • Next meeting will take place instead of the HTA meeting on the Wednesday, 25 November 2020. Accordingly, the entire HTA will be present and this will bring some needed representation from Europe.
TopicUTG UpdateContinuousCarol/Ted

UTG Consensus Workflow for External Code Systems - currently consensus from various groups/participants is needed for UTG tickets. For external code systems, the sole responsibility resides with HTA. Thus, we need a process that

1) Ensure HTA is the final and only approver

2) Allows community feedback for general QA

3) Does not require JIRA workflow programming as no developer resources are available at HL7


  • JB noted:
    • Go live version 2.0.0 of will be announced at co-chair meeting on Thursday 12, November.
    • Well known terminologies (SNOMED CT, LOINC and UCUM) are now available as CodeSystem "stubs" in .
    • UTG Consensus Workflow for External Code Systems:
      • RD noted that there is presently only a single process – Consensus Review – which applies to everything in UTG / THO. This view was informally supported by all HTA member on the call.
      • RD suggested a separate process should be introduced which leaves the decision making purely up to the HTA.
      • DG noted that specialist knowledge may be required and harmonisation of the HTA and UTG processes.
      • JJ noted that some of this may inform the discussion regarding the Terminology Product Family discussion.
      • JJ noted that the current consensus review has some issues.
TopicHTA Content Pages ReviewContinuousReuben

New for this TC:

  • Review of data elements for HTA-managed external code system information
    • Agreeing whether any of these can be removed e.g. "HL7 users of this information - which HL7 products use this link (if known)"
    • Agreeing whether any new elements need to be added e.g. "Endorsed for use by HTA". "Last reviewed", "Next review".
    • Agreeing which elements may be optional and which may be mandatory.

Raw data is available here

For any blanks, please insert an "N/A"

11 Nov:

  • Members should please review raw data.
  • RD will send a slide deck with recommendations.

External Code Systems 





Nursing related terminologies... (Susan is out having Surgery today...)

DRGs - 3M Reviewing and will provide a permanent URI (if possible)

RARC - open question on IP/Licensing as it is maintained by CMS but published by X12

NCI Terminology(ies)update.  eMail from Gilberto Fragoso 11/11/20

  •  "Changing the reference (canonical) url to a page with no extension", we haven't done that. There's a chance that we change that namespace (for instance to a PURL) so we only want to do this once to minimize disruptions to downstream apps.
  •  "Developing urls that resolve to individual concepts in the NCIt (in addition to the landing page referenced above)", we are waiting for the systems group to do some changes on their side, but once they are done the namespace of the ncit will resolve to the term browser home page, and the namespace followed by a slash and a code will resolve to the concept report for that concept in the term browser. Should have been done by now, though. I'll ping systems.

HPO The Human Phenotype Ontology Record requires updating - required for initial Vulcan use case

Need to also add Mondo for Vulcan - but this is less urgent

11 Nov:

  • Carol has reviewed content around DRGs.
  • DG has feedback regarding content for the NCIt page. Will keeping working with the responsible parties towards progressing this. They will be providing a URL other than one which resolves to OWL. Outstanding: there is a page for the metathesaurus – but it is not really a terminology. HTA needs to discuss whether the metathesaurus actually needs a page. NCIt is the actual terminology. Leadership is changing which is slowing progress somewhat.
  • DG will send a weekly update.
  • On HPO, DG noted that HPO will be leveraged in Vulcan. Ensuring HTA records up to date is not necessarily a requirement but would be great to have resolved for the connectathon in January. OID exists and are incorrect – it states Clem McDonald as the responsible party. 
  • A page will be created for Mondo – a genomics ontology.
TopicAny Other BusinessContinuousJulie

Code system development 

Google Drive Live Link

11 Nov:

  • Item postponed for next meeting.
AdjournmentMeeting adjournedN/AJulie

Call adjourned at 20.01 UTC

Action Items

  •  11-Nov: Reuben Daniels  to send recommendations on HTA confluence page data elements and their mapping to FHIR for .