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Test Approach

Although informal testing of the system has occurred during development, this test plan is targeted at the formal testing of the software that is expected to run from completion of development until the opening of the pilot. 

There are six (6) main types of users of the system:

  • Non-member Submitter – an individual without a Jira account who wants to search/view ballot comments submitted against a specification
  • Comment Submitter– an individual who wants to see what is happening with a given HL7 specification and may be submitting Specification Feedback items against that specification. - OUT OF SCOPE FOR TESTING
  • Balloter – a Comment Submitter who has been granted voting privileges and will be voting on Specification Feedback items made against a specification. NOTE: a balloter might be an individual balloter or a user who coordinates a set of votes for their organization or affiliate.
  • Tracker Manager – an individual who is responsible for reviewing and resolving Specification Feedback items, ensuring clarity and proper categorization as well as managing votes against the items and assigning the items to appropriate work groups. - OUT OF SCOPE FOR TESTING
  • Administrator – an individual who is responsible for managing a specification
  • Ballot Manager – the individual who is responsible for initiating and ending ballots

Each type of user (except Comment Submitter and Tracker Manager) will have a specific set of test cases to run from that user’s perspective.  In this way, all expected uses of the system will be tested.

At the end of each testing phase, there is a go/no-go decision based on the testing results plus the state of the JIRA Ballot system.  This decision will be made by Wayne Kubick (HL7 CTO) and Austin Kreisler (TSC Chair) with consultation with the Test Manager, the Development Lead and the Technical Steering Committee.

Test Environment

The testing of the JIRA Balloting processes will be performed using the HL7 JIRA Development (JIRADev) environment (

Testing Process

Each user will be assigned a user name and password for the JIRADev environment and will use this to test a unique set of requirements so that the tests can be run independently of each other.  If a tester needs to reset their specific projects/ballots/items etc., the JIRA administrator will receive a request to delete/reset the tester’s items.  At the beginning of each testing phase, the Ballot projects in the JIRADev environment will be reset to a fresh install.

Documentation of results

  • Each tester will document results in mark the test case as Pass or Fail in the JIRA Balloting Test Cases in the - Pass/Fail column.Column
    • If you are the only tester, you can mark as Pass or Fail with the date tested
    • If multiple people are testing, mark as Pass or Fail under your name with the date tested
  • If the test case fails, include the details in the "If fail, provide.." column
    • If you are the only tester, include your comments about why it failed
    • If multiple people are testing,  include your name and then the comments about why it failed
    add the issue to the Testing Issues
    • The Test Manager will review and
    move issues to the Testing Issues page and
    • prioritize/assign for development and re-testing


  • Administration of Ballots
    • Lynn Laakso (lynn_laakso)
  • Organizational Voting
    • Hans Buitendijk (hbuitendijk)
      • second Org voter - Hans T. Buitendijktwo
    • Christopher Khanoyan (Christopher_Khanoyan3609)
      • second Org Voter: Nancy Orvis (norvis9)
    • Christopher Schaut (cschaut)
      • second Org voter: Vassil Peytchev (vassil)
    • Melva Peters (melva peters)
  • Individual Voting
    • Peter Blomberg (Peter.bomberg)
    • Don Lloyd (dglloyd)
    • Vassil Peytchev (vassil)
  • Affiliate Voting
    • Ron Parker (rongparker)
      • second Affiliate voter -
  • Co-Chair Ballot Management
    • Don Lloyd (dgloyd)