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Here's the response to a search string of "us core":

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Some notes about the responses:


In the left pane are a number of options to repeat and refine the search. You can:

  • Specify a particular FHIR version that you want
  • Indicate that you only want the latest version for each package. If this is unchecked, then every version of matching packages will be included in the search results. This is useful if you are looking for a specific version of a package, though can significantly increase the number of matches. If you are using this, then it's best to use the canonical url for the package as the search string.
  • Indicate the specific resource types of interest. If these are specified, the a match will only occur if the search string is in profiles of the given types  - or the package metadata.
  • Indicate the jurisdiction tha the IG is designed for. Leaving both checkboxes blank will not apply any filter (ie you get the full set of results - which is the same as checking both of them) - or you can specify either US only, non-US only or both.

Digging deeper

From the search results, you can drill down into further details.