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Device Alert handling is
A result of a risk management process for ensuring safety, effectiveness, and security
Device Alerts have
Links to Device, DeviceMetric, and Patient, and Observation, which show the nature, source, and priority of the event but has additional data requirements particular to alerts from devices.
DeviceAlert content is dictated by standards that are not applicable to other kinds of observed data
Actions and responses to device alerts are common and expected in important uses of devices including 
data expected, for example in IHE Patient Care Device Alert Communication Management profile.
Corresponds closely to the single concept of an event or state in a device that requires action or recording.

To add from other page(s): Relation to existing FHIR resources:

How fr to go with use cases: focus mainly on the DeviceAlert as a "record", or be more inclusive of near-real-time communications aspect


Alarms and notifications from electronic medical devices (collectively termed device alerts) are substantially unlike anything else in medical informatics.