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Proposed development approach

The FAIR data object is a quite wide concept that could cover in real life very different things of real life: from a collection of data (data set) to a single atomic information (e.g. a diagnosis).

Depending of what is a "FAIR object is, may change the boundary between data and metadata may change; including how the "object" could be represented in in FHIR and instances could be assessed.

The suggestion to be discussed with the team is the therefore the following:

  • identify relevant types of FAIR objects for health data in real life (to be determined how many and which one)
    • the guide is restricted to social and health data, other kinds of health-related artefacts, as clinical guidelines, algorithms, software, models are out of scope. 
  • select one of them as reference case and focus on that kind of object
  • identify a minimal set of information that are relevant in real life for the components of that FAIR object.
  • proceed incrementally starting from few essential information, in order to excursive also the development process (i.e. not to try to cover everything from the beginning)