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Image ModifiedChairs:  Virginia Lorenzi  Debi Willis   Dave deBronkart

Starting January: Abigail Watson



Name & email


Dave deBronkart (co-chair)y
Virginia Lorenzi (co-chair)y
Debi Willis (co-chair)y
Abigail Watson
Lloyd McKenzie
Rachel Richessony

Mikael Rinnetmäki

Nancy Lushy
Lisa Nelson
Jan Oldenburg
Marie Moen
John Moehrke
John Keyesy
Terrie Reedy
Shivum Bharill (Terrie's team)y
Jose Costa Teixeira
Casey Thompsony
Didi Davis - VP @ Sequoia Project
Michelle Barry
Laura Bright
Adrienne Pichony
Matt Elrod

Matt Elrod  MaxMD / PACIO (works w Lisa Nelson)

Dave Hill (MITRE, PACIO)y
Lynette Elliott, EMI Lynette Elliott
Timon GrobTimon Groby
Renato Calamai

Doug PrattDoug Pratt
Natasha y
Jessica Skopac
Serafina Versaggi

Serafina Versaggi - independent consultant, 

Sean Mahoney

Sean Mahoney MITRE / PACIO

NEW: Erin Roche, Public Health Informatics Inst (an HL7 member)


Remember: We now have a Project Timelines calendar
and a Pt Empowerment Calls calendar in Confluence

Agenda Outline

Agenda Item

Meeting Minutes from Discussion


5 minutes only

Welcome any newcomers 

Erin Roche - Million Hearts initiative - interest in self-measuring e.g. BP. Also mom of 3 young boys


Admin (5 min)Approval of this Agendadone

Prior call Minutes (10/8/20) approval


WGM (5 min)WGM minutes approval

The minutes are here: September 2020 WGM Attendance and Minutes 

Moved to approve: Dave. Second: Abigail Watson. Approved unanimously


Videos of our sessions are in the folder "WGM Videos" on the S3 Connector, on the left sidebar of our home page

Project Updates

Advance Directives Interop (ADI) (Maria would love to have a co-lead)

Maria Moen & Dave Hill

See PACIO Project: PSS for Advance Directives under Documents on our page

Maria: Update on where the PACIO ADI (Advance Directives Interoperability) project is in the HL7 chain of events

Dave Hill: where the ADI documents live (on the Patient Care WG page) - since PACIO is not an Accelerator (a fully ordained HL7 entity), there's no single place on Confluence where all of PACIO's documents naturally live. All other PACIO related work lives under the Patient Care WG; they'd like to avoid duplication.  What's the "HL7-right" way to do it?

A messy aspect of this is that everything PACIO's doing in HL7 is part of the same team and meetings, including ADI, yet they have different sponsor WGs.

Virginia: someone who comes to our site needs to be able to find everything. Perhaps have the PSS in our Projects folder, and ensure that there's a pointer there to find things on the PC WG?

Maria agrees. She's willing to do the extra work of maintaining a duplicate ADI calendar on our calendars page.

In our Projects menu we created  Advance Directives Interoperability (ADI) - FHIR IG page

White Paper on Patient Contributed Data (leaders: Jan & Maria)
(Target: submit Nov 15 for January ballot)

More helping hands please!  One month from today is submission deadline

Jan has three people who want to help but can't make the noon ET call. She'll circulate a poll of alternate times. (New member Erin Roche will join)

See Google Doc on important definition: Defining what is and isn't Pt Contributed DataThis has come up repeatedly as new people approach our project or related topics, and it's a key contribution our WG has already made.

See their Minutes docs in their Projects folder

Patient Corrections IG
(leaders: Debi, Virginia; John Keyes producing the IG)

(Target: January connectathon then May ballot)

Debi: We could use an expert on the Task resource. It's what the IG uses. Who might that be??

Minutes docs are in their Projects folder, with links to the Google Docs where they're working. Three things need to be created before the January Connectathon:

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Adjourn2:15 08 pm

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