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Agenda Outline
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Meeting Minutes from Discussion
Management Minute ApprovalAccepted via general consent

MethodologyRequest to cosponsor FAIRness for FHIR Project

Giorgio requested us to cosponsor the project. 

Ron: This project had been spoken to at the International Council. The whole initiative looks very interesting. They seem to be looking for us to look at how it's structured and if there is anything that needs to be considered from an architecture or BAM perspective. Zoran agrees that it looks really interesting.

Jean: He brought this to cross group projects and we pushed it away. Not sure what ARB would add. 

Decision to defer the decision until Giorgio can tell us what he's looking for from ARB.

  •  Anthony Julian will invite Giorgio to our next call to discuss FAIRness for FHIR cosponsorship

FHIR Profile Library - external content

Decision to review on next call: 10/29

  •  Anthony Julian  will send out a reminder for people to review the FHIR Profile Library content
  •  Anne Wizauer  will invite Susan to 10/29 ARB call to review FHIR Profile Library content

External Content topic - Hugh (carried forward)Hugh not present today. Carry forward.

RTSS Update - RonRon notes progress has stalled at this point. Next step is to get on the MnM agenda on 10/20.

ManagementNext agenda

Review FHIR Profile Library external content

External Content - Hugh

RTSS Update - Ron

 Adjourned at 4:23 pm Eastern