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Health Level Seven International

October 20, 2020

Health Level Seven International® invites you to take part in the regular early cycle ballot openings for balloting HL7 candidate standards and documents for the January 2021 ballot cycle. 

The candidate standards and other documents described in this announcement are balloting prior to HL7's virtual 2021 JanuaryWorking January Working Group Meeting (WGM). Comments received from consensus group members will be addressed at Work Group teleconferences.

Ballot Period Open/Close Dates

Voting for consensus group members in most ballots in this document will open and close on the following dates.  Exceptions for a specific ballot are listed with that ballot description.

Ballot Open Date: Friday, Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Ballot Close Date: Monday, November 20 , 2020

Consensus Group Enrollment Period

Consensus Group Enrollment Period is now closed

Important Note:  Consensus group signup closes when ballot voting begins.

Changes from the initial announcement are identified in the Update to Ballot Announcement for January 2021 Ballot Cycle  document released when this ballot cycle opens.

All those engaged in balloting should be informed that any subsequent ballot of material previously balloted at the normative level will supersede all previous ballots. Any votes or comments from previous ballots will not count towards the new normative ballot; for any comments to be considered again, voters will need to cast a new ballot with comments.

The grid below provides the name of the sponsoring and co-sponsoring Work Group(s) announcing the ballot opening for the ballot listed. Those interested in ballots for a certain attribute can sort the grid: by Work Group, or by product family for example.

columnAttributesstyle="font-weight:bold;border-bottom:black 1px solid;font-style:italic;font-size:14px;",style="border-bottom:black 1px solid;column-width:180px;",style="border-bottom:black 1px solid;",style="border-bottom:black 1px solid;column-width:400px;",style="border-bottom:black 1px solid;column-width:300px;",style="border-bottom:black 1px solid;column-width:350px;",style="border-bottom:black 1px solid;column-width:250px;",style="border-bottom:black 1px solid;column-width:250px;",
dataSourceHL7 Connection
-- Extract ballot records for announcement and TSC Approval document
use HL72

select rtrim(wg.wg_shortname) as "Work Group"
,ballot_document_sdo.ballot_document_sdo_project_ref_id as 'Project ID' --added on February 26, 2019
,rtrim(ballot_documents.ballot_name) as "Ballot Name",
--formatting to add US Realm should not be necessary by this point as the insert and create scripts should catch it
--,	CASE ballot_pool_approval.ballot_realm_uv
--		WHEN 1 then ballot_documents.ballot_name
--		ELSE
--			CASE CHARINDEX('US Realm', ballot_documents.ballot_name) 
--			WHEN 0 THEN ballot_documents.ballot_name + '- US Realm'
--			ELSE ballot_documents.ballot_name
--			END
--	END
ballot_documents.ballot_rootcode as "Family",

		WHEN cast(ballot_documents.ballot_iteration as varchar(1))='0' then 'Never Balloted'
		WHEN cast(ballot_documents.ballot_iteration as varchar(1))='1' then '1st '
		WHEN cast(ballot_documents.ballot_iteration as varchar(1))='2' then '2nd '
		WHEN cast(ballot_documents.ballot_iteration as varchar(1))='3' then '3rd '
		ELSE cast(view_last.ballot_iteration as varchar(1)) + 'th '
	+ CASE 
		WHEN cast(ballot_documents.ballot_iteration as varchar(1))='0' then ''
		WHEN view_last.ballot_standard_level_shortname='Standard for Trial Use ' then 'STU Ballot'
		WHEN view_last.ballot_standard_level_shortname='Comment ' then 'Comment-Only Ballot'
		ELSE rtrim(view_last.ballot_standard_level_shortname) + ' Ballot'
END)as "Ballot Iteration" 
 --,view_ballot_documents_lastballoted_edited.ballot_cycle_code as 'last ballot date'
,cast(ballot_pool_approval.ballot_project_description AS varchar(MAX)) as "Ballot Description"
, 'Since the last ballot of this material in ' + view_ballot_documents_lastballoted_edited.ballot_cycle_code +
', the following changes have been made: ' + cast(ballot_pool_approval.ballot_changes_since_last AS varchar(MAX)) as 'Last Balloted'
,ballot_documents.ballot_code as "Unique Ballot ID"
	FROM ballot_documents 
		ON ballot_documents.wg_id = wg.wg_id
 full outer JOIN view_ballot_documents_lastballoted_edited -- added february 26 2019 in to correct the view view_ballot_documents_lastballoted listed above
		ON ballot_documents.ballot_document_sdo_id = view_ballot_documents_lastballoted_edited.ballot_document_sdo_id
	RIGHT OUTER JOIN ballot_pool_approval 
		ON ballot_documents.ballot_document_sdo_id = ballot_pool_approval.ballot_document_sdo_id and ballot_documents.ballot_cycle_id=ballot_pool_approval.ballot_cycle_id
		--right outer join wg_ballot_pool_approval on ballot_pool_approval.ballot_pool_id=wg_ballot_pool_approval.ballot_pool_id
			JOIN view_ballot_documents_lastballoted view_last on ballot_documents.ballot_document_sdo_id = view_last.ballot_document_sdo_id
			inner join ballot_document_sdo on ballot_documents.ballot_document_sdo_id = ballot_document_sdo.ballot_document_sdo_id
	WHERE (ballot_pool_approval.ballot_pool_submitted_status = 1) and (ballot_pool_approval.ballot_cycle_id = 554) and (begindate='2020-10-20') and (postponed=0)
	ORDER BY wg.wg_shortname, ballot_documents.ballot_code --grouping_id

For more information on ballot procedure, such as general guidelines, and voting, see Ballot Procedures and Guidelines

For Help, see Balloting Help