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We look forward to work with the HL7 members and the FHIR community to establish the necessary tooling and guidance through the next implementation guide/profile versions to remove these ambiguities.

How to engage?

If you are interested in engaging with the work Hl7 is undertaking to further clarify the relevant specifications, you can engage with the following committees:

CommitteeFunctionHome PageZulip ChannelRegular web conference link
US Steering CommitteeOverall control of US specifications, and working with ONC/US Government
#united states
Cross Project Working GroupDirect Control of the US Core Specification
FHIR Infrastructure CommitteeManage the tooling / publishing infrastructure used to generate the specifiations
#ig creation
Modeling & MethodologyResponsible for the overall conformance framework
FHIR Management GroupCoordination between the above groups, and approves publications / adjudicates


Note that some final editing on the above is still in progress.  This page will be moved to an HL7 web page to be locked in once finalized.  The attached two letters below would be posted on the FHIR and US Core product brief pages as well.