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  • Economics can impact patient outcomes. For examples, patient can choose not to take medication, not go to the doctor, and it can be bad for mental health. 
  • Through mCODE, outcomes can improve and cost can be reduced, leading to higher value in cancer care. For example, prior authorization
  • There are many different treatment combinations and pathways for cancer. NCCN guidelines cut down on the pathways, but there are still many. By having mCODE-enabled patient records, research on the effectiveness of these treatments will be able to be done more effectively. 
  • One CodeX use case is focused on prior authorization. 
    • Prior authorization pathways can be automated through mCODE, which will allow for rich, high-quality data to be easily sent. 
    • Insurance companies will be able to receive mCODE data elements faster and approve/deny treatment, which will increase speed of care and cut cost. 
  • By having comparative, mCODE records for cancer patients, more research can be conducted, leading to a higher survival rate.  


Q: Can you show how Epic was configured to collect the outcome data? 

A: If you're at an Epic installation and want to learn more, reach out to Keri Reardon and Dr. Piantadosi Reach . Additionally, you can reach out to Epic Beacon contact. There is an mCODE team at Epic who can help. Additionally, the presentation for next month's CoP will be on the Epic installation

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