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Attendance - please check in!   Use Eastern Time Zone (12PM Meeting Start)

1minRecording check - are we recording?

Reference: US Realm Steering Committee met this week - explained USCDI relevance 
Virginia explained USRealm displayed timeline with USCDI - showing how it ties into US Core connectathons and ONC standards advancement and therefore EHR updates 

USCDI proposals (something we can send to PAC) -

Discussed USCDI proposals in depth - explained that PE cannot submit a proposal on its own - must submit to Policy Advisory Committee (PAC) who, with board approval, submit to government.  They need proposals in advance to get them reviewed, approved, and prepared for submission and do not meet all the time.  Determined that the deadline for USCDI submissions to PAC was Sept 18th (we are late).  Reviewed UDI proposal and agreed to submit as is.  Reviewed structured data/flowsheets proposal - recommendation was to limit to specific data sets due to difficulty for EHR vendors.  Agreed to submit limited datasets.  Virginia to update proposal.  Reviewed Advance Directives/Consents.  Agreed to remove consent to share from scope and change elements to types of Advance Directives.  Maria referred to them as Advance Medical Decisions (goals, preferences, and priorities) one makes in advance, hoping it will inform their care.  Maria agreed to edit the Advanced Directives Proposal,   Discussed genetics and imaging.  Amit expressed concern over the complexity of these datasets and noted other groups are working on these and could move them forward.  Abbie noted she will be submitting these types from her company.  Abbie recommended cogition data - the data set is mature - there is already an IG.  We suggested patient care group could bring that forward.  Concern was that they might not be thinking of patient perspective.  She plans to submit via her company but would like PE to consider.    Virginia will bring up with PAC.  Did not get to discuss Debi's proposal of Patient Corrections as a USCDI data type.  Virginia will ask PAC if we can have a little more time to finish our proposals (ideally by next Thursday in time for final review by our WG at our 1Pm call.

Follow up from PAC and week.  The PAC accepted advance directives, flowsheet limited to a few data sets, and UDI.  Did not accept others because these first 3 they had seen rough drafts of early in the week.  We were given until Wednesday to get in final proposals.  These have been completed and were uploaded to .  Note that latest USCDI proposals are under USCDI on S3 connector.

WGM Closing Goodbyes
Dave and Virginia thanked participants and encouraged them to join our calls as listed on the Patient Empowerment calendar.