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The detail proposed agenda is:

  • Agenda review
  • Future meetings
    • Cancel CIMI during LOINC meetings
    • Stan send out a quick poll about SNOMED meeting involvement
  • Approach for co-morbidities (pre-existing conditions) - Mark Kramer
    • Should we have a library of co-morbidities?
      • Should there be situation specific co-morbid value sets?
    • Should we use the questionnaire structure? "Does the patient have any of these conditions?"
    • Mark will come back in some future meeting with further analysis and suggestions
    • Richard will invite Keith Campbell to participate in future discussions
    • We should also have Brynn(sic?) on the future
  • WGM summary and action items - All
    • M&M
      • Grahame's Uber IGs from all IGs - we need to understand more about what this would be
      • Some felt that it was too hard and no need to do reconciliation of profiles across IGs
      • The comparison tool that Grahame has made looked to complicated and detailed for the use case we are thinking of
      • Should this even be work within HL7, or should it be up to mCode, Logica, Da Vinci, etc.
    • O&O
      • Ongoing joint meetings - Stan will find out meeting times
        • Work that Kurt and Richard have done macros and other tools and strategy
        • Ballot reconciliation
      • We decided that we would create and ballot patterns for quantitative lab
    • CIC
      • VANGUARD PSS was approved
      • Discussed for Pain Assessment IG with CIC and PC. Need to complete plans for a connectathon.
    • CQI and CDS - need Claude
    • PC - need Claude and Susan
  • Do we need regular f/u meetings with other WGs
  • Any other business