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XCatherine ChronakiHL7-EU
XJens VilladsenHL7-DK
XLine SaeleHL7-NO
XSylvia ThunHL7-DE
X@timo TarhonenHL7-FI
XRenato CalamaiHL7-IT


This is to approve minutes via general consent. "You have received the minutes. Are there any corrections to the minutes? (pause) Hearing none, if there are no objections, the minutes are approved as printed."


  • We have several projects and we should have a good collaboration channel to ensure other affiliates can collaborate. 
  • Example: FAIR4Health: Standardisation of health data sets.


Engagement HL7 Europe projects and HL7 Intl

  • How to align across Europe and with HL7 International?
  • The current approach of project alignment is to provide input and presentations. 
  • Some comments arose about whether we need to engage with HL7 international further upfront before making decisions
    • Given our approach, we can continue to collaborate locallt and then on EU level, projects do not need to get approval for requirements 
  • Question (HL7 NO): In all these projects, do we have collaboration measures or mechanisms?
    • A (Catherine): Indeed in these projects we can have articulation and we want to welcome collaboration.
  • (Christof): We also have a European Chat on zulip:
  • Question (HL7 NL): We have a US vendor and we ask him to implement the NL profiles (which has no weight), but if we talk about a EU profile, this makes more sense commercially.
  • Question (HL7 IT): We can unite our voices to present something consistent across Europe
  • (Christof): If we have clear requirements, then we can start establishing rules and governance. So we can start the discussion e.g. on Zulip which will reveal the requriements, and from there we can see what is the best solution - a EU Realm, or something else..


  • We need more a secretary than just chairing a meeting
  • Suggestion: one way of working could be a responsibility of the 2-3 elected members which then share the work.
  • There is agreement to align the procedure rules for the responsibilities. Christof suggests he can make a first draft.
  •  There is interest to have a rotating mechanism. 
    • We can have rules aligned with the HL7 WG, or with the HL7 IC

To Do: Chair 

  •  Christof Gessner will setup next meeting
  •  Christof Gessner to send initial proposal on the roles
  •  Send email to Catherine if you want to setup the 10 anniversary of HL7 Europe. 

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