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  •  Reuben Daniels  create the ISCO-08 Page
  •  Reuben Daniels to check with Joshua Procious to determine if we can transfer tickets from FHIR or UTG project to the HL7 JIRA project
  •  8-Jul-2020:Davera Gabriel will run with NCI Thesaurus vs NCI Meta-thesaurus matter.
  •  22-Jul-2020: Sheila Abner to complete information in NHSN HSLOC stub.
  •  22-Jul-2020: Reuben Daniels advise the Zulip Implementer and Terminology chat about the stub for comment.
  •  22-Jul-2020: Julie James to contact PSS group (possibly PIC) regarding PSS changes.
  •  22-Jul-2020: Julie Jamesto respond to the call to Karyn v H on behalf of the group managing the GOM (PIC) and the executive committee regarding SOUs.
  •  2-Aug-2020: Julie James check Jira configuration for HTA "vote" on consensus review in UTG
  •  19-Aug-2020: NCI-Thesaurus: Davera Gabrieland Rob McClurewill meet with the NCI-Thesaurus owner to discuss using a URL with the .owl extension (being respectful of previous discussion between them and Julie).
  •  19-Aug-2020: NCI-Thesaurus: Julie Jameswill update the HTA pages in relation to NCT Metathesaurus.
  •  19-Aug-2020: Grahame's Page:Reuben Daniels  volunteered to work with Grahame, Ted, and Josh to come up with an approach to address the need for machine processing of HTA information about external code systems.
  •  19-Aug-2020: Copyright for value sets:Reuben Daniels to raise a ticket for the creation of a field to capture external code system copyright's in the FHIR ValueSet resource in compose.include 
  •   02-Sept 2020: Julie Jamesto review core princple definition of "code system", in particular its inclusion of "grammar only"/syntaxes similar to UCUM as formal code systems
  •  02-Sept-2020: Caroline Macumber to create stub for UCUM