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Date: 2020-09-10



  Anthony Julian

Note Taker: Anne Wizauer




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MethodologyHREX Content Review

We were asked to comment on this in terms of architecture and whether it's headed down the right or wrong path.

  • Lorraine is concerned that people won't know to look for this material here. The material includes a decision tree to guide the selection of a data exchange approach - concern is this is broadly applicable and is buried here.
  • Tony argued that this material belongs somewhere like this instead: They've stated their publishing it within Da Vinci for convenience.
  • Jean: It wouldn't take much to make this FHIR agnostic. Could ARB make this an HL7-wide document for architecture recommendations?
  • Lorraine: They note that this won't ever become normative, but this is actually core material.
  • Paul: This material is good but it needs to live outside of here because of wider applicability. If there is anything truly Da Vinci-specific, it could stay here. Need to be careful about making broad industry statements of applicability that goes beyond our actual knowledge, such as in the re-use and adoption sections of the approach table. 
  • Lorraine: When we get into architectural considerations, the stuff in the material often doesn't reflect real world architectural experience.
  • Hugh: If it's removed from here, where do we put it? Paul: Could go within the FHIR spec or stand on its own. But we need to separate the opinion from the actual guidance.
  • Cecil: It seems more informative than normative. Jean: Moving it into FHIR core spec ensures people will look at it and we have a way to ballot it.
  • Tony has concerns about bias expressed for RESTful actions. 
  • Discussion over potential ballot comments regarding separating this material and why this wasn't discovered earlier in review.
  • Jean: We should create guidance for WGs to help them handle projects not done entirely within the WG.
    • Issues:
      • We need guidance for WGs on how to interact with projects to ensure quality and help them succeed.
      • How do we get this visible in the right spot?
      • Do we issue our opinion as ARB ballot comments or use our individual ballot mechanisms?
        • General agreement that ARB should comment and also raise it to the TSC
  • Tony asks people to get opinions to him by Sunday and he will enter them in on Monday.

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 Adjourned Adjourned at 5:02 pm Eastern

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