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Roll CallMP

Wayne Kubick

David Johnsonx
Lorraine Constablex
Lloyd McKenziex
Ted Klein
Josh ProciousRegrets
Dave Hamill
Melva Petersx
Paul KnappRegrets
Ballot ProjectLM/MP
  • Working through administrative side including updates to administrative dashboard, queries and enhancing some of the import features
    • mechanism to handle differences in email addresses
    • export and compare against field and resolution configuration 
      • when you add something new to JIRA - adds to all projects - don't want this for what we need
      • currently the clean up of this is a manual process
    • Target of September 18th for completion
  • Testing Plan developed 
    • Melva will forward to Lorraine for review
    • Testing in October and November
    • looking for volunteers
  • January Ballot cycle - need to identify the pilot and have all 
  • Documentation
    • HL7 Tools and Processes - there is a restricted page - Administrative page
      • need to give access to Lorraine, Melva
    • SGB wants to review 
    • System documentation - this will be in administrative processes
  • Will work on roll out plan

Action Items

  •  Melva Petersto forward draft test plan to Lorraine
  •  Lloyd McKenzie to add Lorraine and Melva to Administrative pages for JIRA balloting documentation
  •  Develop Roll out plan for JIRA Balloting
Webmaster's ReportDJ/JP
  • SSL cert updates
    • next one will be
  • Utilities page restricted to Co-chairs
    • host credentials for Zoom are missing on some pages - DJ will look at this
    • may move the Co-chair page on Confluence - this is useful, but put it on a single page
  • Testing of S3 Buckets
    • challenge with linking to material in lower level folders - DJ to follow up with Josh
  • Outstanding Items
    • EC2 instance issue - Josh still monitoring this; no further 
    • System Diagrams

Action Items

  •  DJ will look at missing Zoom credentials on Work Group Co-chair utilities page
  •  DJ to look at moving co-chair email list to Confluence
  •  DJ to talk to Josh about linking to materials in sub-folders of S3 Buckets

JIRACon Project

  • HL7 Essentials Space
  • How to capture change requests for Confluence pages: Co-chair handbook, HL7 Essentials, Accelerator Space
    • can the include the page that the feedback was provided from?
    • can we suppress the "Provide Feedback"
    • Can we align and have just one way to provide feedback?
  • Outstanding Items
    • Gforge License Status
      • retiring new year
      • have Github and S3 Buckets 
      • EA models - only version control that they can use is SVN
        • need to move to EA Cloud
        • haven't made a formal announcement - need to make announcement
          • need to solve bugs - Lorraine to talk to Josh
        • Wayne to send an email to PEST to finish this work
    • Confluence calendars - low priority

Action Items

  •  Make formal announcement about use of EA Cloud once issues are resolved
  •  Wayne to send email to PEST to finish work to migrate to EA cloud
STU Comment/Jira MigrationMP
  • Expired STU's
    • Should we move all comments?  Just make them readable
      • review with WGs that own the expired STUs - to see if we need to move across
      • reports in JIRA to be able to review
      • announce it formally and announce a date
      • Don may reach out to Lloyd about guidance on creating files in Github
  •  Outstanding
    • Schedule a webinar to walk through Specification Feedback and JIRA balloting - Wayne/Melva
      • early November - one is scheduled already
    • Issue with notifications of webinars and birds of a feather
Gforge Tracker Jira MigrationMP
  • 2 remaining Gforge trackers to move over to CDA and V2
    • Don Lloyd working on this
Gforge SVN and Document MigrationMP
  • Email re: S3 Bucket
    • add to CTO page
    • add to Leadership Announcement page on Confluence
    • send email to Co-chairs about migration to S3 buckets
      • SVN
      • Gforge Document
      • Document Repository
  • Wiki
    • need to migrate some of the EHR content

Action Item

  •  Melva to send email to Co-chairs about document migration, SVN migration
UTG ProjectTK
  • chasing through some bugs
  • SGB has draft of governance precepts that will be forwarded to TSC
  • CoreMIF - issues with Kathleen's content - still waiting on response from her
    • should be done after this
Parking LotWK/JP
  • 508 Compliance - build in to IG publisher for next year - not funded at this point
  • Confluence forms - Inventory of forms
Announcements / AdministrationMP
  • Future calls
    • will schedule next call for October 2nd due to conflicts
    • discuss further on next call