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  • As FHIR product director, I will meet with any implementation organization that has questions, comments or contributions about the FHIR specification or community
  • I will meet such organizations under an NDA if required, as long as the NDA only concerns details about the other organization. I will not enter into any NDA regarding information sourced from the FHIR community
  • If I am engaged commercially, it cannot be a on a for-profit basis - it must be on T&M
  • If am engaged commercially with an organization, I will declare the nature of the engagement in the list below. The specifics of the engagement may be covered under NDA, but the fact of the engagement, and the summary of intent cannot be under NDA


  • Australian Digital Health Agency: Consulting around interoperability, messaging, and vendor relationships
  • Evidentli - member of Scientific Advisory Board
  • Sovereignty Network - strategic advice and relationship building
  • DynamicHealthIT - support for legacy solutions
  • Johns Hopkins: Provide general advice around directions of FHIR community and specifications
  • Telus: technical support for validator and publisher on 2016May version of FHIR
  • RCPA - provide assistance to create FHIR IGs for Cancer structured reporting