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DaVinci Notification Ballot / Publication request

#1 Review 2 more trackers: project = FHIR AND Specification = "US Da Vinci Alerts (FHIR) [FHIR-us-davinci-alerts]" and status in (triaged,"Resolved - change required") (

 has been retracted by submitter)

#2 Review and approve ballot reconciliation spreadsheet: 

jqlQueryproject = "Ballot Definition"

#3 Review publication request: Da Vinci Unsolicited Notifications 1.0.0 - STU1 Release

#4 link to IG:

#5 Final punch list for remaining item including publishing qa issues is posted here:

#1 Motion to re-open FHIR-26209 and then find for future use,  since device is not currently listed as an option in MessageHeader.sender, .author, and .responsible - Have a tracker to add to R5 = FHIR-25464 and can then be applied here, once available in the base -  Eric Haas, Riki Merrick, no further discussion, against:0, abstain: 0, in favor: 4

FHIR-28537: Eric needs to update the IG capability statement for sender conformance around practitioner being SHALL and Practitioner being SHOULD (as documented in the tracker)

Motion to find persuasive Eric Haas, Riki Merrick, no further discussion, abstain: 1, against: 0, in favor: 4

#2 - update the ballot reconciliation spreadsheet after the above trackers have been updated and then will upload to ballot desktop and copy the URL into the publication request

#3 Motion to approve current version of publication request so it can keep moving through the process Eric Haas, Riki Merrick,  no further discussion,abstain: 0, against: 0, in favor: 5


UAC repeats in some ACK structures
anything that uses ACK defintions MUST be the same, so if UAC is repeating in Chapter 10, but it is not repeating in chapter 2 ACK message definiton
UAC should be allowed to repeat, if a signed credential is not suffcient for receiving system then you want to submit more than one - question is would the sending system be able to send more than one?
Vassil - we don't think we can change ACK message structure retroactively

#1 Edit chapter 10 to remove repeating UAC

#2 Edit chapter 10, if there is a need to repeat, then we need a new ACK message structure for that called ACK_S12 that is then applied to all scheduling messages - that would have to be discussed with PA as well
#3 Change ACK structure in Chapter 2 starting in V2+ (the version that will have content changes) because the change would be backwards compatible 
The 4 query responses are different from the other ACKs, and they are already defined in a specific message structure, so no need for changes there

Will have this reviewed with Tony and Nick for next available meeting (9/24)

Next meeting

Cancel the call in 2 weeks

, will do this


Next call in 4 weeks as a normal scheduled call (9/24)

 Adjourned at 3:35 PM