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  1. Review Agenda
  2. Approve previous meeting minutes
    1. Motion: Stephen Moved; Emma seconded
  3. Future meetings
    1. HL7 WGM Tuesday at 11am  - LHS to Join 2nd half of the Security Group WG meeting
    2. Next Tuesday 4pm (Sept 1, 2020)  - Kathleen Conner will join this call to discuss these files - 
    3. View file
      nameCare Team ABAC Provisioning.xlsx
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      nameCare Team Provisioning for LHS 2 Parts VA[1].pptx
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      nameTeam care issues white paper KBS[1].docx
  4. Care Team DAM Ballot Reconciliation - Claude Nanjo
    1. Incorporated all the updates and comments
    2. Generated an updated version of the changes with the diagrams incorporated. Changes made are red-lined. Still have to make a few small tweaks. 
    3. Proposal: send the document to this group and all the folks who made comments is comfortable with the changes made. Once approvals done, will make send document for a final review. Goal is to have everything finalized. 
    4. Agreement with the proposal. 
    5. Conceptual and Logical Models have been updated. 
  5. CareTeam being referenced in an encounter
    1. Claude thought careTeam was to be referenced from the encounter. To be able to query all encounters for this careTeam. 
    2. Encounter was removed from careTeam. 
    3. The Encounter/CareTeam linkage is now completely lost.
    4. Suggestion to log a tracker but there should already be a Tracker item. ACTION: Stephen will contact PA for this change
  6. Timing for communicationRequest
    1. Stephen sent an email. 
    2. Most request have a timing. Definitionally, you can specify a timing. Communication request has occurrence with dateTime and period. No way to have ability to have a timing that repeat itself. Suggestion is to add a recurrent timing. Stephen will include more examples
    3. Suggestion to add an example for a device to send recurring communication about the device reading. Reminders about an observation or reminders for a scheduling is in scope for communicationRequest. 
    4. PatientCare owns this resource.