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  • <Hold for hot topics from project team>
  • Update on ACS CAN membership? 
  • Engagement Update
    • UCSF → Elly meeting with Adam and Leslie August 17th. 
    • UTSW → met with UTSW on Wednesday and will be following up next week. 
    • Massive Bio → met with Seline on Wednesday, she will be looking into what's needed to send over patient data for the minimal eligibility criteria. 
    • Trialjectory → will updatebe discussing their timeline for working on a project like this and will get back to us. 
    • Flatiron → will update be discussing internally what's needed to send over patient data. 
    • NCI → meeting on August 17th. 
    • Other updates?
  • Public Call 
    • Caroline created a list of all the orgs we've talked to about this project so we can send out a personalized email to them. 
    • Any additions to the list? 
  • Confluence
  • Phase 1A Planning (continued)