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Quorum = chair + 4yes/no
Co chairsxDavid HayRegretsLloyd McKenzie
ex-officioxWayne Kubick, CTO

xHans BuitendijkxBrian Postlethwaite
Paul KnappxAnne W., scribe
xJosh MandelxJohn Moehrke
Brian PechxJenna Norton

Grahame Grieve

xNathan Bunker

xGay Dolin

xLynn Laakso

xRick Geimer

xDidi Davis


Nandini Ganguly

xSandy Vance



  • Roll Call
    • Numerous visitors for IG proposal
  • Agenda Check
    • MOTION to accept: Hans
  • Minutes from 2020-08-05 FMG Agenda/Minutes
    • MOTION to accept: John/Hans
    • VOTE: Hans abstains. Remaining in favor
  • Action items
    • Reviewed
  • Review Items
  • Discussion Topics
    • Update on IGs for September Ballot 
      • Lynn here to update.
      • Still working on OrderCatalog
      • V2-to-FHIR has a late content appeal. Discussion over if it will appear in the registry - overall feeling is it should.
      • DEQM issues remain
    • Community Feedback on FHIR R4B options
      • Carry forward to next week
    • Realm issue: HL7 FHIR® Implementation Guide: Clinical Decision Support for Immunizations, Release 1 - US Realm
      • Item balloted US Realm but NIB was submitted as universal. Need Grahame's take on the impact.
      • Notifications will be sent out to stakeholders
      • Grahame arrives. The project wanted to be universal but had no engagement. Ended up as US Realm but the paperwork didn't line up with that change. We think we should publish it as US Realm and announce it with the history of what happened to International Council, balloters, and the FHIR community. If there are no objections it will be published as US Realm.
  • Reports
    • Connectathon management (David/Brian)
    • Ballot Planning
    • Ballot content review and QA process FHIR QA GuidelinesProcess management
        • Sandy reports she and Mary Ann are working on a high level schedule and other planning. Asks people to update any incomplete proposals. 
    • AOB (Any Other Business)
      • Call back on for next week
      • Anne is out of office next week