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Online Meeting Link: 
Online Meeting ID: lhswg-cc 

Chair: Russ Leftwich or John RobertsLeftwich 

Scribe: Emma Jones


Russell LeftwichIntermountain
Stephen Chu
Emma Jones
Claude Nanjo
Thomson Kuhn
Chris Melo

Quorum (Chair +3) met? Yes


  1. Review Agenda
  2. Approve previous meeting minutes - August 7, 2020 Meeting Minutes
    1. Motion: ?? Stephen Moved; ?? seconded
  3. Agenda 1
  4. Agenda 2
    1. Emma seconded

Continue Ballot Reconciliation for CareTeam DAM

  • Comment #4 - typo fixed
  • Comment #29 - HealthcareRole confidentiality level on the person when they take on the role was changed from 0..* to 0..1. Also, if there are multiple levels of confidentiality, what happens when they conflict? 
    • If PCP and patient is admitted to the the hosp by another attending
    • Will discuss this element with Security Group - ACTION: Russ will get Kathleen Connor to join next week call
  • Comment #32 - PatientRole.primaryCareProvider card is 0..*
    • Use case - Snow bird situation with two different primary care providers
    • Telehealth situation with two PCPs that conquer
    • Medicare data shows the average beneficiary have at least two PCPs in a given year. 
  • Comment #43 - Care Team memberRole function - valueset
    • Need to modify the spreadsheet to include missing values - e.g. occupational
    • Add FHIR tracker to reflect the values in the CareTeam resource
    • ACTION: Stephen will action the above. 
  • Comment #44 - Scenarios were appropriate for the CarePlan DAM rather than the CareTeam DAM - work related injuries as per occupational medicing. Accepted the suggestions for adding the roles

Claude Moved; Stephen Second; 0 Abstain, 0 Against, 5 for

DAM Progress: 

Have completed the ballot comment reconciliation

Claude will make the manual changes 

Plan on reviewing in two weeks. 


OO Meeting to discuss Observations Vs Conditions for symptoms (in context of Covid 19 IG) - Monday August 17, 2020 at 5:00pm EST - Webex Meeting info 

Upcoming Deadlines

  • A new PSS is not needed. 

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