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Chair:  Paul Knapp

Scribe: Brian Pech

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Management Minutes Approval July 15, 2020motion - Brian/JeffApproved.
ManagementWGM meeting

Meeting Tues, Sept 22 Q1 & Q2 (RDF)

Sent note to RDF guys - David Booth and Harold Solbrig
mgt.Discussion of work itemsHL7 over HTTPS - needs to be published

Paul will ask Andy to push it out.

ManagementDaVinci Alerts - using FHIR messaging

There is a section about FHIR messaging and there is also a section on message end point but it was incorrect. There is a JIRA ticket on this, Vassil put the ticket in. Needs to be resolved with InM.

FHIR messaging is designed to deal with intermediate parties in the message path; Vassil has been doing some work on this using the existing FHIR connections which are direct connections. FHIR intermediaries, FhIR servers, should be able forward fhir communications to the next FHIR node on to the ultimate recipient. Vassil is concerned that pushing messaging exchange will discourage use of existing RESTful FhIR exchange paradigm. Also, using FHIR resources in a message is not the most useful, complete or cleanest expression of the content.

Vassil's perspective - HL7 messaging is V2, documents is CDA and FHIR is web based RESTful exchange.

Building blocks in V2 are segments, V3 uses the RiM based classes,  and sent the entire message bolus as a whole.

FHIR resources allows transfer of a package only the information necessary with appropriate follow up via query to the relevant FHIR end points.

The use of FHIR bundles need to provide an acknowledgement back that is appropriate to the exchange mechanism used.

 Adjourned at 3:55 EDT.

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