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Comment: Updated MITRE and Use Case leads


MITRE: Dave Hill, Dr. Jessica Skopac, Tina Wilkins, Dr. Lynda Hoeksema, Corey Spears, Brian Meshell, Karl Naden Naden, Howard Capon, Emily Michaud  

Use Case Leads



Group Lead: Dheeraj (Raj) Mahajan

Technical Lead: Chris Pugliese

Clinical Lead: Matt Elrod


Status & Cognitive Status

Group Lead: Mary Anne Schultz Clarice Grote

Technical Lead: Rob Samples Karl Naden

Advance Directives Interoperability 

Use Case Lead: Maria Moen

Technical Lead: Brian Meshell

Speech, Language, Swallowing, Cognitive Communication, and Hearing (SPLASCH)

Use Case Lead: Inoka Tennakoon

Technical Lead: Karl Naden

Reassessment Timepoints

Use Case Lead: Chris Pugliese

Technical Lead: Karl Naden

Organizational Chart for PACIO Project