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Short Description

This track will test the creation, exchange and visualization of patient summary data across jurisdictions and usage contexts using the FHIR International Patient Summary (IPS)
Implementation Guide specification.

Long Description

This track will test the creation, exchange and visualization of patient summary data across jurisdictions and usage contexts using the FHIR International Patient Summary (IPS)
Implementation Guide specification.  The track will focus on the primary theme of cross-border IPS document bundle data exchange, with additional sub-themes:

  • Pilot implementations of multiple jurisdictions (e.g., GDHP) for cross-border IPS document bundle data exchange
  • Test implementation of proposed Patient resource $summary operation (multiple servers, including Terminz)
    • Can generate an IPS instance for a patient based on existing data and a set of rules
    • Rules can be server-defined (default) or specified by parameter
    • Need to answer the “relevant” question for what data to include
  • Enhanced IPS instance testing leveraging available testing suites
    • The Inferno testing tool (ONC/MITRE)
    • The Gazelle testing tool suite (used in common with the IHE North American and European Connectathons) (optionally, as available)
    • One or more FHIR server(s) for demonstrating and testing IPS data exchange
  • Transforming IPS data to a WHO DDCC:VS vaccination certificate document including the EU DCC, Smart Health Cards, and DIVOC QR code specifications.

General track goals include:

  • Promote the sharing of experiences
  • Identify tools and resources for IPS examples and validation
  • Identify gaps and pitfalls in the IPS adoption

An open approach will be followed, expecting attendees to actively participate in the selection and definition of the tests to be performed and topics to be discussed,
beyond those suggested by the track leaders.


Test an Implementation Guide

Submitting Work Group/Project/Accelerator/Affiliate/Implementer Group  

Patient Care / HL7 sponsorship of IPS

Track Lead(s)

John D'Amore, More Informatics,

Track Lead Email(s)

Related Tracks

International Patient Access


FHIR Version


Specification(s) this track uses

IPS CI build

1.0.0 STU1 build
(Note that the STU may be updated before May 2022 connectathon) 

Artifacts of focus

We're planning to focus this time on the updated IPS Bundles that include required resources of Composition, Patient, Medications (MedicationRequest/MedicationStatement), Allergies (AllergyIntolerance) and Problems (Condition) sections.
Recommended sections of Immunization and Lab Results sections may also be included.

A library of examples of IPS have been collected in the following location since September 2021:

IPS Bundle:

IPS Composition:

IPS Medication:

IPS MedicationRequest: 

IPS MedicationStatement:

IPS AllergyIntolerance:

IPS Condition:

IPS Immunization:

IPS Observation - Results (Laboratory):

IPS Patient:

Expected participants

  • IPS adopters and implementers
  • GDHP Interoperability Work Stream IPS Work Group member countries and territories participating in IPS pilot implementations
  • IHE IPS profile implementers and testers

Expected number of participants: 10-15

Zulip stream


  • Track Kickoff: May 

  • IPA / IPS joint session, May 3, 2 pm - 3 pm
    5/2/20222:00 PMIPS KickoffJohn D'Amore
    5/2/20225:15 PMReview the IPS and Updates in New ReleaseJohn D'Amore
    5/3/20229:00 AMG7 & GDHP & Cross-SDO Collaboration for IPSJohn D'Amore
    5/3/202210:00 AMInferno TestingRob Hausam
    5/3/202211:00 AMIPS Connectathon Testing Experiences (Canada and Latin America)Sheridan Cook, Steve Moore
    5/3/202212:30 PMWorking Session / TouchpointAll
    5/3/20222:00 PMIPA vs. IPS Joint SessionMikael Rittenmaki & John D'Amore
    5/4/202210:00 AMWorking Session / TouchpointAll
    5/4/202212:00 PMTrack Wrap and Report OutAll

    Track Details

    IPS Roles

    IPS Document Creator

    Creates or updates a FHIR IPS document (Bundle containing a Composition and supporting resources) from source data. The source data likely will be existing data on
    a FHIR server, but this can be done using whatever means are appropriate, including manual creation, assembling documents from other resources, transforming from
    a CDA IPS document, etc. Submits that document to a FHIR server. 

    IPS Document Consumer

    Retrieves a FHIR IPS document and/or individual component resource instances created by the Document Creator from the FHIR server and does
    one or more of the following: a) validates the document and/or component resource instances against the IPS Clinical Document profile, b) displays the document
    and/or discrete data components in a browser (or by other means), c) translates the coded and/or narrative data to a different language for display, or d) translates the
    coded data to different code system(s) used in a jurisdiction that is different from the source.

    IPS Document Processor

    Uses a FHIR IPS document and/or individual component resource instances for the purpose of creating/updating other kinds of IPS based documents as for example
    vaccination certificate.

    Track Activities

    Planned Sessions 

    Testing Scenarios

    TestScript(s): None provided at current time

    Connectathon Manager (ConMan) link used to record exchanges during event

    Available servers & tools
    • Terminz

      Will now accept (and save) POSTs of IPS Bundles that satisfy the following criteria...

      • Bundle.Type == Bundle.BundleType.Document
      • Bundle.Identifier.System == "urn:oid:2.16.724."
      • Contains one Composition and one Patient Resource
      • Contains at least one of each of these resources - AllergyIntolerance, Condition and MedicationStatement.
      • Includes at least one Patient.Identifier with populated system and value elements (these are used for persistence and $summary request purposes)

      The $summary operation is also provisionally defined at