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  • CIMI: Pain model project & ballot plans
  • Are CDA status issues closed?
  • Extension to support pertainsToGoal
  • Allergy code
  • Model bindings? Goals, status, expectations.
  • Status codes: seeing a similar pattern in Meds. Need codeableConcept, or code + extension.
  • Publication of Representing Negatives (Representing Negatives)
  • Review select re-writes; especially table
    • 25, 87, 101: category alignment
    • 75: outline
    • 76, 101, 126, 128: pattern, method
    • 90: next steps
    • V2 coverage: anyone have examples?
    • ANF: no actual examples to use
    • Any more examples to add?
    • Include ANF in appendix
    • Remove dependency on Logica Covid-10 IG ballot


Pain project

Nathan presented the Pain deck.

Pain is the most commonly documented symptom. The Nursing Knowledge Big Data conference has been a key driver to standardizing this data element. The project (sponsored by CIC, co-sponsored by CIMI & PC) has produced a mature LOINC panel to represent the state of the art information model for pain.
Lisa: Gravity has followed a similar trajectory: 1. assemble the experts, 2. review existing documentation and practice; 3. engage Regenstrief to help harmonize and iron out issues with putting the model into a Questionnaire context.
Next step: putting the Questionnaire into a FHIR IG, with guidance on inferring other resources (Observation, etc.) from the QuestionnaireResponse.
Looking for connectathon partners, since they must conduct a connectathon prior to ballot.
a. we need to clarify connectathon requirement. It clearly should not apply to informative specifications. And can it be fulfilled outside of HL7-sponsored connectathons? Question for Clinical Steering Division.