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ManagementReview ANSI Anti-Trust Policy

HL7 Patient Access API Education and Implementation Event, August 17-19

Track Orientation Webinar is proposed for Next Friday Work Group meeting: August 8, 2020

HL7 FHIR Connectathon Sept 9-112020-09 Connectathon 25


Continue review of security-related JIRA issues

Updated to 0.3.10 11 on build.fhir.org Switched to using FHIR Shorthand and Sushi after having problems compiling from Trifolia.

Source code is here:

Review is welcomed on fields to be defined in PDexDevice, PDexMedicationDispense and PDexProvenance.

  • Continuing to add examples to support profiles. 

Recommendation on versioning has been applied:


Compare US-Core Implantable Device v PDEX-Device. Can we in fact use the US-Core for non-UDI devices?

Provider Directory (Plan Net) IG
  • Indicate a person or an organization as a member of something: belongsTo, memberOf, or participatesIn?
    • Revisit to make decision

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