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The app implements CDC guidelines on opioid prescribing (from the CDC Guidelines FHIR IG), and some Washington State Rules on opioid prescribing, as CQL logic.  The app will be tested to ensure that it is able to execute CQL regardless of launch method and regardless of PDMP access method.

The app will execute FHIR data queries and create and populate an HL7 CDA eICR STU Release version 1.1 document that can be validated and used by the APHL AIMS platform and processed and rendered public health agencies that the platform routes it to using existing infrastructure and connections.

  • Action:  The app will reason on clinical data used by CDC guidelines and WA rules, expressed in CQL 
  • Success Criteria: The app is able to correctly reason on those data using CQL rules.  Correct reasoning will be determined by comparison with Morphine Equivilent Dose calculated results and guidelines flags determined by manual inspection of hte data.