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  • FHIR-I / Argonaut Granular Data project

Proposed Track Lead

  • Gino Canessa, Josh Mandel

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Specification(s) this track uses

Clinical input requested (if any)


Patient input requested (if any)


Expected participants

Sign Up Sheet

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Track Orientation


Recorded session is available on YouTube

Track details

System Roles


SMART Client: SMART client requesting access using granular scopes from the draft SMART IG v2.

Connectathon Results

Firely - Christiaan Knaap

Got about half way through implementation of the specifications.  There are no remaining blockers to finishing, just need time to do so.

Microsoft - Josh Mandel:

Got to do plenty of ad-hoc testing against all the different servers.  Learned a lot and had great discussions.

Happy to see that category-based scopes and our syntax are working.  Still worried about things like chained search.  Would like to provide a good balance between a rich set of capabilities and ability to implement.

T-System Inc - Chuck Feltner:

Able to do more testing against Cerner and Epic - got data back and everything is looking good.

Epic - Jake Fisher:

Goal was to let people test Scenarios 0 & 1, seems to have been working.  Overall a success.

Cerner - Max Philips:

Everything went well.  More success today than yesterday.  Got standalone patient launch working with a patient that includes all the necessary data.


Working on client.  Was able to request scopes using the new syntax and get expected results.

Microsoft - Gino Canessa:

Worked on the test implementation at .  Was able to implement Scenarios 0, 1, and 2.  Updated regularly based on feedback from testing.  Proxy-server and client have basic capabilities.


Scenario 0: Share access to resources by operationinteraction

SMART Client requests scopes and SMART Servers grant scopes at the resource level. Specifically we'll test support for

  • patient/
  • patient/ (optional)

After being granted this scope, a client can query for all Observations via:


  • GET Observation?patient={}

And the following queries should be rejected or results should be redacted (if no other scopes have been granted):

  • GET Observation
  • GET Encounter?patient={}

Scenario 1: Share access to data by category


  • GET Observation?patient={}&category=vital-signs
  • GET Observation?patient={}&category=|vital-signsigns

And the following queries should be rejected or results should be redacted (if no other scopes have been granted):